I want Redleg banned.

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Italian Guy

Milforum Hitman
Ok, ok, just kidding on the title, I wanted to ask something in a very touchy realm of possibilities.
I mean Redleg is for the boards what God is for the world, right? I mean he is virtually unbannable. This is NOT democracy! :evil:

:pray: Sorry RL, :sorry: Kidding
And I would like lightning to strike me in the forehead... wait that's what IG asked for, sorry mate. ;)
I'm not saying anything bad about Redleg, ever

I'm to scared, I like this forum to much.Maybe you should talk to Padre, and go to his confessional like i did. everything was made better. ;)

I'll put a good word in for you bozo's if needs be before The Admin.

Now no more rebellion or you'll be standing tall before the Man

Hm, where should I start??

**Moves mouse pointer closer to the "ban" button**

Quick, all ye sinners, join the church of Padre, and your sins shall be absolved!

Not open for further replies.