I am currently playing..

relatively. im waitin on FIFA 2006 to come down in price...thats gonna be fun
i hear its more detailed this time. as far as managing clubs and things like that
Henderson, I got the Fifa world cup 2006. Its different than fifa 2006, its just nations. Pretty nice though :)

mmarsh, ahh I see. I should have no problem getting my hands on it :)
Venom PL said:
I am waiting for Operation Flashpoint 2 it should be available at the end of 2006. :m16shoot:


I hope your're right, but I have head that excuse for a LOOONG Time.
Is it called that, i'm not sure but i think they made a follow up with a similar title by the same team, i forgot.

I can't remember the name of the video i saw but it was like flashpoint. It takes place in an alternate history where the soviet union didn't collapse and the warsaw pact invades west germany. It's a shooter with NATO vs the Soviets and it looks awesome. You get to shoot down hind Ds and fight soviet tanks, i can't wait for it.
No it wont be called Operation flashpoint 2. Bohemia Software seperated from Codemasters and there was a legal spat, the result was the lost the License name. At the moment the Bohemia Software project simply known as 'Game 2', which should be worked on fully once 'Armed assault' is released. It is possible that codemasters who owns the license might release their own game.
I can't wait for that one, Rome Total War was beautiful, hopefully the updated engine will make things even better. I can easily imagine a mod for MTW2 being converted to RTW with better graphics.
"Its my way or the...No, its just my way."-Duke Nukem.

On a different note, Mighty! How many milbucks have you gotten from this thread?
List of things that have happened since duke nukem forever began development in 1997 and also things that have been accomplished in the same amount of time.


Since the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever, the single season home run record has been broken. Twice.

4 nations have acquired nuclear weapons technology.

The United State's involvement in the Vietnam War ended in a shorter time period.

let's see if we can get a man to mars before this game comes out.
Still toying with C&C Red Alert 2, and Civ III. Lately I've taken to playing Tropico. Fun being a dictator of a small island country off the coast of U.S. LOL.
There's a guy on the cover of the box of tropico who looks just like Fidel, i wonder if it was a intentional?