I am currently playing..

Back into the good old Ghost Recon series again, having a hard time in Russia at the moment; but hitting F6 and F7 once in a while makes it a bit easier. Not the best AI around but exciting enough to spend an hour or two in front of.

The Frostbite add on for GR is great, if you haven't tried it you should. Brings in some norwegian armour :)
Evil genius had a good concept but pissed me off. You never had enough room to build your base fully and your workers went through the most scenic route to get to supplies that you need to build with. And jesus, the enemy agents would be there so fast you would have no defense system set up when they arrive.
I never really got into the Hitman series...IMHO it was a knock-off of Splinter Cell...Same basic concepts. Now the Splinter Cell trio..There are some of the best games you'll ever play.
You mean return to castle wolfenstein? I played it and liked it too, the levels were pretty good and the shooting was fun. Though near the end the bosses were bastards so i stopped playing when i couldn't beat the last boss. Goddamn Id.
HAHA! I know, it's very hard! He is like 10 times my height! It ain't easy fighting! Any one with the cheat code?
Timesplitters is nice. Anyone know Time Commando? magnificent!

Hitman is on of my favoirites. I completed the second and the third. Looking foreward to complete the fourth 8) yep, 47 all the way 8) although I liked the second more.. I think its the best, Hitman2. He seemed more... human..
So is Sam Fisher.Like I said, the one man, ultimate killer thing was taken from Splinter Cell. Now, FIFA 2004...There's a good game. I beat Real Madrid with Barcelona 20-0...MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Yeah, I made it to mission 7 on Hitman Contracts this weekend all with the SA rating. I redid most of the missions to get all the guns too...

47 rocks...
I play them all, scince I mostly use unlocked weapons it dosent mather which nations. Its all about having good team mates (like real life) or go solo in a killing frenzy... :biggun:

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