How to deal with Flaming/Spaming post! The only way...

headspace said:
Additional addendum to rule
You may be completely ignored when you report a post. This may be a factor of post count or time spent on the forum.
What reported posts are you talking about???

I can find only one reported post by you, and that one was taken care of 2 hours after you reported it!
So I wouldn't exactly call that ignored.....

We are not online 24/7, but we read and take care of all reported posts as soon as we are online.
Some reported posts may not (in our opinion) violate the rules, so we do of course leave those alone...

But in most cases it doesn't take many hours before a reported post has been taken care of.
i am a jamaican and all my interest lies in being in the army,i am currently 18 years of age and i have completed high school,i want to be an officer in the army,but i tried every site but i never get through yet so i am wondering if i will here.
Mr. Redleg, you also gotta take into account that in the truest nature of many of the members is here, is not to take any kinda of crap lol.
My husband did several tours, 2 which were in Bagdad/Iraq. He writes in journals about the initial invasion of which he was a part. I write poetry about his journal. How can I get some of these poems posted?
Say no to spam

Yeah, it gets old really fast. My entire website was spammed costing me thousands to fixed. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Chris Edwards
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