How difficult is it to get into Ranger School?

Both ckim and myself are ROTC cadets, so neither of us have been branched yet (no MOS).

ckim, there are NO Air Assault slots open to ROTC this year and very few Airborne slots because of the war and the necessity of training men who are a lot closer to seeing action (timewise) than we are. Which is the reason I'm getting a CTLT slot for S. Korea this summer instead of the Airborne slot I was almost guaranteed a few months ago. So don't take it too hard, there's a good reason behind it, and if you go Combat Arms, you will have a darn good chance to go to both schools while you're waiting for OBC (we've been getting up to 14 month waits between commissioning and ship dates).
Or they aren't willing to try.

I'm a girl.
I'm an Imagery Analyst (MI).
I've got 2 years in...

and I've got a P identifier..

I wish I could chalk it up "logical" reasons, but if there is one thing I've realized, its...That ANYTHING can be done. Don't take NO for an answer. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't expect anyone else to..

That and I'm stubborn. ;)

If you really want to be a paratrooper.. keep trying. Every monthly counseling say something, every time you get a chance.. bring it up. Guaranteed- if you keep putting the bug in their ear... they'll try harder to make it happen for you.

Good luck!

Oh, I ain't giving up, just putting it off. :lol: Actually CTLT will be a lot more useful right now and like I said before, I have a feeling I'll have plenty of time to get tabs and shinies while I'm waiting to go to AOBC (keepin the fingers crossed for the "A" in there :lol: ).
Sorry to be :eek:fftopic: , but yeah, we just had our "fraternization" course, and I am not looking to several parts of being an officer. I'm going to be the first one from a town of NCOs (60 people in my hometown and of those there are two ex-Sergeants Major, a retired CPO, and a half dozen more retired or Reserve NCOs, including my Dad), and I am a bit nervous about what they're going think of me when I show up in uniform in the light of every stupid thing I've ever done growing up. :lol: Just can't imagine any of them ever calling me "Sir," that's what I've called them my whole life. :lol:
You ready to get some advice from a lower enlisted?

I hope so. And I hope you never stop...

I've had some wonderful LTs and some bad ones.. a great CO and some not so good.. and so on.

You know what makes the difference? Realizing we all put our pants on the same way in the morning.. and remembering that. You have a different job, a different slot, different responsibilities... thats the only thing that sets you apart from the enlisted.

It's 100 times better to earn respect then to demand it. I can guarantee that if you earn the respect.. it'll never leave your side.

If you ever get a chance to work with Warrant Officers.. learn from them.

... and have fun. My gosh, have fun!

Oh, and when you get a salute... remember it's your duty to salute back. ;)
bmacd, if you want, I'll split off this part of the thread, let me know if you do.

Thanks for the advice, nataliemarie, and believe me, I've been getting some great words of wisdom from all the enlisted people in my life (almost 40 from my Church alone, we're very pro-military in Lassen County :lol: ), and I am taking every bit of it to heart, and welcome any more that I can get.

About returning salutes and behaving with respect in general, it's a small Army, and I have no doubt that if I mess up in that respect, my hind end is toast once I get home. :lol:
My contract says "for the good of the service" so they can send me anywhere, but we do get a wishlist, and my top choices are Armor, Military Police, Aviation, Infantry, and Field Artillery, with the ultimate goal of becoming a 19C, an Armored Cav officer, with a Scout unit. But I would be happy with anything that gets me into a Cav unit :lol: .
We work with 6th cav over here every once in a while. Man, do they have pride. It is simply overwhelming... I love it!

I see you didn't put MI on your wishlist.. good thinking ;)

Good luck redneck! I wish you all the best!
Thank you! And the same to you!

:lol: My Dad was MI, they trained him in some black ops stuff and taught him half a dozen languages, but my talents always seemed to lie more in the physical labor/destructive side, couldn't code to save my life. :lol:

Thank you for the advice.
Oh, and you said you're coming to the good ol' ROK this summer?

Bring... little clothes.. hardly any. It's friggin hot and muggy. So hot and muggy.

Just a little warning ;)
Thank you. And I hear I should bring my own food, from what I hear from my friends who have been over there. :lol:
Depending on where you go.. the Commisaries are pretty good..

But yea, bring anything "special" that you can't live without. I encourage anyone to Try Korean food... but there's only so much one can take. Ewww... kimchi.. eww.

I go on leave in 1 DAY AND A WAKEUP!!! Can't wait to get me a good In N Out burger... and fish tacos... and talk to people in english... and go to Walmart... and drive... and.. oh, geeze I love the states!!!

(Sorry about that.. my mind operates in FRAGO mode)
poor girl, I'd hate it in Korea..then again I've been there 6 times already...hopefully I'll get stationed in Benning or Bragg once I get commissioned....oh how i want 11A