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if 10 Americans are taken hostage, how would you handle the situation. Is blazing guns the best idea. But remember. These men are trainned gurrillas. They have traps and are willing to kill any american by the sight of a U.S. soldier. There is one more thing. The secretary of The navy is there. What do you do? How do you handle a situation like this? What if you were captured, what would you do?
this is why you memorize the 6 articles.

and why we have recon...

if i was the eleventh person and escaped ...

i would recon and report..


if i try and be a hero i risk killing my fellow service member.

i aint no rambo. but if i find an oppurtunity to help em out..

rainbow six .. no doubt they exist.. but ..
nevermind.. go get em rainbow six..

i think this is where recon and the seal team come in or an elite delta force

Any good Elite Force would be able to do the job...
Delta Force
Sayeret Matkal....
Many others

I agree, but intel is necessary for the missoin. You can't go in knowing very little details. Doing this will compromise the mission! A plan and strategy is in order here.

Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Seriously, if I knew these things I would be making more money.
If I were the mission coordinator I would have snipers at every available window, ready to shoot any terrorist they see once a go code is given. (NOTE: If the terrorist was pointing a weapon at a hostage the sniper would have to shoot the terrorist an inch above the ear in order to stop the CNS instantly which will keep the muscles from contracting, killing the hostage.) Then I would take two three assault teams with silenced weapons (Probably MP5SD10, because of the CQC and high firepower). I'm sure everyone hear understands the concept of room clearing when there are hostages inside, but it would start with a charge on every entry of the room. If there were only one, then a charge would be placed on a wall to make another. The charges would stun anybody inside; giving the infiltrating teams time to engage. A second before the charges detonate I would tell the snipers to fire. I would coordinate the charges to go off once one of the snipers notifies me of a target in view. He would help that much more.

However, I’m just some kid that plays way to much Rainbow Six so I would had the job to someone else. Probably a highly trained hostage rescue team, probably some police division trained for hostage rescue, not a military team.
pretty much the best thing to do is have oprah knock on the door and ask for the hostages

you never know how someone will react to the kindness of a large black woman

and if it doesnt work :rambo:

its only oprah, we can find a new one in 5 minutes
Which ten americans? I mean, I can think of hundreds I wouldn't lift a finger to save, and about fifty that i would DARE the terrorists to execute.
(them)"We will shoot Geraldo Rivera if you do not give us a helicopter!"
(me)"Screw you! You don't have the guts! If you tried to shoot Geraldo, you'd pee your pants, you little amateur!"
That sort of thing.

Not that SWAT teams arent good at what they do, but we already had Delta Force, SAS, Sayeret Matkal, and Spetznaz on it...SWAT isent in the game...