Good Military Related books you've read


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On topic..

I have a list :lol:
Forgive me if I get some authors names mixed up, i'm a little fuzzy

D-Day- Steven Ambrose
Black Hawk Down- Mark Bowden
In the Company of Heroes- Mike Durant
Colditz- Not sure..
Flyboys- James Bradley
Flags of Our Fathers- James Bradley

Theres a ton more, but I can't remember them. :roll: :D
Forgotten Soldier - Guy Sajer
With our backs to Berlin - Tony Lee Tissier
Killer Angles
Citizen Soldiers - Steven Ambrose
The Savage Wars of Peace - Max Boot
The passing of the Armies - Joshua Chamberlin
Well, I am reading "We Were Soldiers Once and Young", by Hal Moore and Joe Galloway (check out their website at, recommended in a previous thread on this forum and a great description of infantry combat in the Vietnam war by those who were there.

I also enjoyed the USMC's Small Wars Manual, which I am sure will come in handy next time I take over a small country :)
Almost none of Western Military books, but well alot of Films :D

Of course read a lot of Chinese military stories (books) about Civial War, Korea War, China-Soviets border war, China-India border war, China-Vietnam border war.
I have read killer angels before, very good book. I checked out that link Doc, and the first chapter was very good. I will be reading more of that book.
Doody said:
Do you know where I can get a cheap copy of the USMC Small Wars Manaul?

Well, the USMC publish it as a downloadable .PDF at
though I haven't been able to access (might be US only).

You can find it on CD-Rom for 10 bucks from some places e.g. E-Bay.

I got mine in paperback from, but they seem to be selling copies as fast as they can get them, and there were none available second-hand. I guess they have been surprised by its sudden popularity :)

Sorry not to be more helpful :(
Marine Sniper: 93 confirmed kills by Charles Henderson -story of Carlos Hathcock from shooting competition to keeping the sniper school a permanent entity.

One Shot One Kill by Charles Sasser and Craig Roberts -stories of mostly American snipers stories throughout history

Red Thrust, Attack on the Central Front, Soviet Tactics of the 1990's -theoretical stories of what would happen of a Soviet Invasion into West Berlin.

Acceptable Loss by Kregg Jorgensen -story of Kregg Jorgensen while with the Blues unit in Vietnam

Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy -Japan wants its land back and launches an unusual first attack

The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy -China wants Siberias resources and they invade but Russia and America can guess what happens then ;)
Band of Brothers (Stephen Ambrose) - Follows Easy Company from there training at camp Toccoa to the capture of Hitlers Eagle nest. Great read. (True Story)

Enemy at the Gates (Can't remember) - Story of Vasili Zaitsev, famous Russian sniper during WWII. Tells his story of fighting and goes into great detail about him battling against the best German sniper. (True Story)

Theres a series which is produced by a company called WWII librarys. It is autobiographys of soldiers who servered during WWII and talks about what they saw and did. Has both sides, Allies and Axis. Very interesting.

Another good read, has amazing paintings of battles and great detail is, "Warfare in the Eighteenth Century."

Well can't really think of any others right now, will post more if I do.
i read a really good book called endgame-The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror. written by General McInerney and General Paul Vallely. its a great book on the war on terror.
Officer Cadet is a good book. I haven't read any of the sequels(Lieutenant, Colonel, a few others). I don't know who wrote it.
Kirruth said:
I got mine in paperback from, but they seem to be selling copies as fast as they can get them, and there were none available second-hand. I guess they have been surprised by its sudden popularity :)

Sorry not to be more helpful :(

I got one thru Amazon too. No web site really has any used ones unless its the original. Mine will be in sometime next week. Maybe once I am active duty I can persue one thru official channels
On War and Leadership by Owen Connelly is a pretty good book

It has parts of memoirs from:

Frederick the great
William Sherman
Stonewall Jackson
John Mosby
Lawrence of Arabia
de Gaulle
Eric von Mainstein
William Slim
"Vinegar Joe" Stilwell
Matthew Ridgway
Moshe Dayan
Vo Nguyen Giap
Harold Moore
Nicholas F. Vaux

There is definately a good range of leadership in this book. There are leaders from Germany WWII, Allies WWII, British, NVA, both sides of the civil war, Israel and the USA. I've thumbed thru the book and I am currently at Mosby. This book was worth the $14 I paid for it. You can get a used copy thru New it costs around $30

I've posted quotes from Sherman at
Band of Brothers - Stephan Ambrose
Return with Honor - Scott o'Grady

I could have almost sworn there was another topic on this, but maybe it was another forum.

I would know which books I had read, but the list is kinda on another forum and was lost in the GDD 2k4
Curahee - Donald Burgett
Road TO Arnhem ^^
Seven Roads to hell ^^
Beyond the Rhine^^

Black Edelwiesse the Memoirs and conscience of a Member of the Waffen SS - Johanne Voss (best book ive read to date)

just to name a small few ive read.
Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden
About Face by Col. David H. Hackworth
Steel My Soldiers' Hearts by Col. Hackworth
The Price of Honor by Col. Hackworth
Hazardous Duty by Col. Hackworth
The Brotherhood of War (series) by W.E.B. Griffin
The Corps (series) by W.E.B. Griffin
We Were Soldiers Once...And Young by Lt.Gen. Hal Moore and Joe Galloway
Charlie Mike by Leonard B. Scott
On Guerilla Warfare by Mao Tse-Tung
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
War of the Rats by David L. Robbins
The Asian Saga (series) by James Clavell
Delivered From Evil: The Saga of World War II by Robert Leckie
Inside Delta Force by CSM Eric Haney
Delta Force by Charlie Beckwith
Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko
Immediate Action by Andy McNab
Without Remorse by Tom Clancy
The Code of the Warrior by Shannon E. French
Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose
Enemy At the Gates by William Craig
Stalingrad: The Fateful Seige by Anthony Beevor
Summons of the Trumpet by Maj. Gen. Dave Palmer
Marine!: The Life of Chesty Puller by Burke Davis

*deep breath* And of course, there's plenty of other good books out there to read. I've either forgotten to mention them or I haven't read them yet.
I think the best book ive read military related was Fallen Angels (not to be mistaken for Killer Angels) Fallen Angels is a Vietnam Based story, good book too..
another good one is Shadow Warriors as stated already but basically any Tom Clancy novel is some hardcore shit, no candy coated stuff, its the real deal