Favorite President of The United States

FDR-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The best president ever, to do what he did takes something inside, few if any presidents have what it takes to be the man he was.

If you say either of the Bush's are anything other than, well mediocre I find you at fault because that's all they are, Reagan on the otherhand was a good president, although he had little effect upon the shround of Communism falling.

The first President Bush was good but his son was the worst thing to happen to this country, he's failed at every business he's had like Truman, but Truman was successful as president and Bush is well, not that good.
I'll say Roosevelt was the best. He was in a wheelchair. But as you can tell from his historic records and speeches he was really strong. I'd say he was a true American. Especially how they displayed him in Pearl Harbor. When the admiral said it couldn't be done, he gets up on his own out of his wheelchair and tells him " Do not tell me it can't be done".

I don't know if he actually said that but he probably did since they did a whole huge scene on it.
Mine are the Roosevelts

FDR and Teddy

Teddy made national parks and all that great wildlife stuff and FDR led us through WWII
I'm a Canuck, and despite his starting that whole "unpleasantness in the Colonies", I'd say George Washington. Brilliant general, excellent president. Even his enemies respected and admired him. Wouldn't let them make him king. Read recently that he didn't want any retribution made against the Loyalists -- I think he understood that the War of Independence had a certain civil-war aspect to it. He also recognized the bigotry of his day -- he looked forward to the day that Catholics and other marginalized religions would share in his vision of liberty.

Well I dont live in the US, but from watching the news over the years, ID say Clinton. I think he did well for America and didnt give them no crap for the 2 periods he was in office for. As for Bush Junior. I think he has the US under a false pretence. I mean terror alerts on the news every day? Whats that all about? Well I call it sheer paranoia after 9/11 and putting fear into the public, and Bush doesnt go down too well after watching farenheit 9/11.
I'd say ulysses s grant, he never bothered anybody. Plus he was too drunk most of the time to care, a true executive according to the terms of the constitution.
Charge 7 said:
Millard Fillmore. Just because it's been about 160 years since anybody voted for Millard Fillmore for anything.

I was having fun with that one (as rotc boy at least caught on).

My real answer is to agree with Kina and say Abraham Lincoln. I thought that answer would be more prevalent than it is here so far.

Here's my reasoning: take everything else about Lincoln aside good and bad and one thing alone he did shines far and above anything any other President has ever done with the single exception of Washington. This, however, tops even the Father of our Country though not by much. George Washington was more responsible for the birth of our nation than any other single man - that was no mean feat. Lincoln though kept this country together even in the midst of civil war. He insisted on returning the southern states to the union.

Indeed, many historians factor Lincoln as number one of all US Presidents for just that achievement. The incredible thing is that he accomplished it within days of his death. Historians now consider that if Lincoln had died even a few weeks earlier those in power in the northern government at the time would likely have sued for peace and allowed the South to become a seperate nation. The toll was that great and it was only Lincoln who was resolute in preserving the union.

Now comes the most significant part; if Lincoln had died earlier and the South had become a seperate nation it would have set a precedent. Other parts of what is now the US might have also in their turn decided to become seperate nations. Historians call this blow that never befell us as the "Balkanization of America". We could have wound up divided and lesser in power and influence as a disunited group of nations and perhaps only now struggling for unity as Europe is today.
President Reagan and President Kennedy. Neither could be bullied or backed down from a fight. President Bush will be remembered as such later.
Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. I have to say Bush is a significant factor in my decision to enlist.