Favorite President of The United States

Notice I said FAVORITE, not BEST.

To start this off, I will have to say President Reagan. Bankrupted the Soviet Union. Changed the face of the global pecking order. Set up the United States as the last superpower.
Theodore Roosevelt, "walk softly but carry a big stick." :lol:

The man had some serious charisma, and his selflessness (and his success) as an Army officer, which he gave up a cushy Washington position and overcame having just a bit better vision than a bat to be, puts him way up in my book.
well during my lifetime so far there has only been about 3 presidents...Bush Senior,Bush Jr.,and Clinton......i dont really have a favorite by the fact i havent been alive that long...to know which was my favorite
I havent been around that long either but i think i would have liked Reagan. I like Bush but hes becoming more and more not doing things because theymight upset someone or make them cry like the UN, or smoe other Democrat little piece of... i wont go there. But i do like Bush. CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ROFLMAO!
FDR.......The Big Deal help the nation out the depression and was in support of helping the UK and USSR against the Nazi's even when the congress and Isolationist on the homefront were preaching against helping Europe in an other war in Europe. Helped the UK out big time in holding out against the Fascists in a dark time.
Recently Reagan has for sure been the best one.
Washington and the early ones ( Jefferson, Lincoln ) were the greatest though.

Ronnie was cool because he was an actor and the intellectuals would laugh at him saying it was ridiculous he would be a prez and he did and led the West out of the Cold War. Damn those intellectuals must still be there wondering how come it wasn't written on their books. :lol:

Hey dude he was getting a BJ given by Monica instead of dealing with Osama- The right thing at the wrong time! :twisted:
Reagan, he had a flight of F-111 bombers "accidentally" bomb the French embassy in Libya when they wouldn't let us overfly their airspace on the way to Libya. Classic move, kinda like diplomacy behind-the-scenes.