Favorite Military Equipment

Mine HAS to be the M40a3 that thing can kick some serious :cen:. NO OFFENSE to anyone but i c the m82 as more of a anti-vehicle or whatever weapon and the m40a3 as a more of an anti-personal weapon.


CLAYMORE another close competitor LOL :twisted:
RnderSafe said:
Armychef said:
Privates, 2nd lts, and/or Cadets any of which are worth hours of fun sending out looking for bottles of squelch juice, left handed cresent wrenchs and boxes of grid squares.

... and chem light batteries.

How about " go get a bucket of steam"

I know :eek:fftopic: I just couldn't resist.
In the British Army at one time we had a jeep type vehicle called a Champ, this thing had a 97 HP engine it had 5 forward gears and at a flick of a switch had the same gears in reverse. Well we used to remove the governors on these vehicles and race them along the roads at over 100 MPH in reverse, it is no wonder my hair went white, or was my age.
The Bedford RL,I loved them so much I went out and bought the C3 version with an ackerman trailer,which was originally used as a soil testing laboratory.
the CPP humvee (armored) I believe the nomenclature was M1037? Protected myself, the driver, and TC many a time from gunfire and those dern loud noises beside the road in Iraq ;) Course, the tires didnt stand well to the roadside bombs...er I mean the loud noises...
I know! What's the name of that little thingy that you got with the old K-rations that you used to open the cans with? That was a cool tool!
Huh! you can keep it all. just give me a bottomless leave pass :p.

Failing that, a Barrett M107, ammo, a good vantage point and plenty of targets.