Favorite Military Equipment


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what is your favorite piece of military equipment?

Being an ex-track vehicle mechanic, i would have to go with the M88A1 Medium Recovery Vehicle.
As an Artilleryman, I am torn between the M110A2 and M109 series - particularly the A6 version. I agree that the M88, particularly the A2 or HERCULES version, is great recovery vehicle.

On the wheeled vehicle front, I would have to say the HMMWV series. The M151A2s were nice in their day, but outclassed by the current HMMWV series (of course, you can't sneek around with a HMMWV the way you could with any of the Jeeps!). :D
Well, as a former soldier in the Mechanised Infantry, I have to say that the Combat Vechicle 90 is my favourite military equipment. It's perhaps not the absolute best Infantry Fighting Vehicle, but it's pretty good and very cool 8)
The CV90 is a great thing!
I can't wait untill the Silent Heroes mod is released for Battlefield 1942.. :D

But as a Redleg I must say that a MLRS firing all 12 rockets in 60 seconds is an impressive sight!
Or the German 155mm PanzerHaubitze 2000, capable of firing 5 rounds that lands simultaneously on the ground (MRSI) is also a mean piece of hardware.. (the first PZH 2000 will hopefully arrive at my camp this year... :D :D )
HIMARS looks great, but it can only carry one pod with 6 rockets... 8)
It's a new world we live in, speed is more important on the battlefield. Just look at the war with Iraq, we used alot less MLRS and more Paladins. Speed Kills 8)
Yeah speed kills us. The Shermans and Strykers proved that.

True, but an improved Sherman model did do us well into 1944, the biggest problem was the lack of armour and the fatel ammunition storage. The Stryker just got started, so how can we say it's bad? It's certainly better then what everyone else has as far as APCs and LAAVs. [/url]
Hey now....

Maybe the improved sherman dident do well in 1944....But the Israeli Sherman M50/51 with the 105mm(yes i know its my name, thats why i have to defend it....) were devstating to T55s and T62s.....Even in 1973, when they were already 30 years old. That is my favorit military equipment....Good old sherman with a new engine, IR system, Fire Control Mechanisem,105mm L7 gun....well you see its not really a
Sherman....More like a Centurion shaped like a Sherman.....
my favorite military equipment item...

It has got to be the C-5 Galaxy aircraft. or the C-130 Hercules. Before you can shoot it..you have to get it there. actually, these were multi-purpose aircraft...if you really wanted to be sure the enemy never got up again, you just crashed the GLOB on top of them!

My dad told me that one of the largest bombs ( in destructive power anyway) dropped on the vietmanese during the viet nam conflict was actually dropped from a C-130. A large Fuel air bomb was carfully loaded on a pallet, flown over to the drop area, puled out of the aircraft by parachue, and exploded just above the ground line for maximum effect.

by the way it stands for Ground Loving Old Bastard.


F-15E is constantly upgraded, making it the best fighter in the world. Multiple lock on, fast speed, nice arment, bombs and missiles and every thing. Even Su-37 is afraid of it.
MY favorite military gear

my M16A2 and my M9mm
they keep my a^&* alive

with out them i am truly nothing.

F-14D Tomcat (Shame its being replaced by the Super Horror).
F-105D Thunderchief
Mirage III

Leopard 2A6
M1A2(SEP) Abrams
M48A3 Patton
Centurion series
Chieftain series