Favorite First person Shooter (Military)

Favorite First Person Shooter

  • Call of Duty (Standard)

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  • Day of Defeat 2.0

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  • Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod)

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  • Far Cry

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  • Counter Strike

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  • BattleField 1942

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  • Battlefield Vietnam

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  • America's Army

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  • Operation Flashpoint

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  • Hidden & Dangerous Series

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  • Other

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It's hard to beat sniping on Far Cry. Nothing like climbing a mountain in dense jungle and sniping people from over a mile out, and them having NO clue where you might be among all that foilage...... (until your lens reflects off the sun of course.......)
i LOVE day of defeat, but i also love MohAA, Call of Duty, counterstrike and the BF series (especially Vietnam). i'm looking forward to shellshock when it comes out.
Call of Duty...This is a whole lot better than MOH, as in feeling as though you are actually in the fight with these guys. Not much scripting. But fun anyway.

Battlefield 1942... I think people misunderstand this game. Its a great game. Its my favorite aside from Halo. Peple say its "unrealistic". But when you think about it...What do all other games give you? First person..blah blah...Assault enemy compound, kill general...blah blah blah... This game is different. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS GAME IS: That people go Rambo ALL THE FREAKIN TIME! If people would just once, get their heads out of their butts and play it REALISTICALLY, it would be the best game ever. As in: Having some people offshore in ship and a FO on the ground giving targets to the destroyer to take out. And then advancing the infantry and armor after all major obstacles have been taken out.Flying in formation with airplanes (even hough its hard) and taking out enemy convoys and all that. Or trenched in infantry. If you want to go Blackhawk Down style, get Desert Combat...DROOL! Take little Birds and UH-60s, insert Special Ops via Little Birds on the roof of a advantageuos building while flying a couple of Blackhawks into the fray loaded with troops to secure it before help arrives... Now how many of you WOULD NOT like that? The game has SO MUCH potential, but is ruined by campers and Rambos. If people would just work as a team!

Americas Army... My friend and I argue a lot about whats better, this or Battlefield. Most would say Americas Army. And to an extent they are right. BUT, it only gies the player an infantry feeling. Except for the next patch, which gives you the Stryker...Whoopty dee doo. BF has that too. ANYWAY. I like this game a lot. And i wish they would fix the damage rates. 50 rounds from the SAW doesnt kill, but 3 from the M4 does....hmmmmm......

Flashpoint...I love this game. But, they could have included more infantry combat levels. I didnt like the Commander ones because it was always hard to control your men on demand while under fire. 2,3,4 Target Machine Gunner....2, is down... OH NO...3 is down......DAMN, 4 is down... By the time you issue it they are dead. Unless you have rapid fingers and memorize the combos. But overall good. Cant quite get the editor to do basic things but i have made some missions of my own. Im going to get Reistance in a few days. Good vehicle missions and engine.

Rainbow Six- I have the VERY first one for the N64 and i have Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield. GREAT GAME! I love planning and executing. It has to be just right to work and you need FAST reflexes. Good gun models and animations.

MOH.. Oh how i love this series, but oh how i hate it. I love it...FOR ALLIED ASSAULT.....but i HATE IT FOR BREAKTHROUGH. I have the First one for the PS, MOH:AA, MOH:SH, MOH:BT, and MOH: FL. I like the series but too Rambo, go assault the enemy mustard gas complex by yourself witha few rounds in the Colt, and only a Thompson. Oh i forgot, youll have to blast your way there through city streets, fight through 4 divisions of Waffen SS, while being strafed by the Luftwaffe, and being hunted down by german Shepherds. But i CANT WAIT for Pacific Assault, gonna be a MARINE! OOO RAH! Finally one that stars a Marine. Has very good scripting i.e. The beginning of Breakthrough while you are at Kasserine Pass, in the back of a jeep driving through your camp, while all kinds of things are happening.

Far Cry- Never played it.
Counter Strike - Never played it...I know.....Its one of the best games, but i dont have HL, even though i almost beat it, when i borrowed it froma friend.

Black Hawk Down- i only liked a few missions from this. AI SUCKED HARDCORE! D-Boys cant shoot for crap on the game. Which i know is unrealistic.

Castle Wolfenstein- This game kind of insults my intelligence lol. Actually it insults WW2. WAndering around killing Nazi Zombies. I mean...Come on.... :roll:

Halo... Need i say more.First of all, you fight with Marines. Even though you are a cyborg, it doesnt seem like it. You die before you know it. THE BEST STORY EVER. THE STORY RIVALS MAX PAYNEs. Has a good plot twist. I like Cortana ( the female AI with you, shes the, " voice in your head") I cant wait for Halo 2. OMG! If you have seen the trailer for it at E3....You know what i mean. For the link to see this...


Battlefield Vietnam- just like the first one. But with Hueys, oh i love helicopters. I would buy it just to fly them. I like ferrying troops to hot points on the map. It has the same problems as the original game had. Oh, and you get to blast music...Oh how i want to blast Spirit in the Sky while flying in the Huey clipping treetops while the Huey is being pelted by AK bursts and watching my friend next to me firing the M60 while i dangle my feet out the side and fire the M79 at the men below..... Or watching through the binoculars twin F4 Phantoms drop napalm on a hill full of NVA, and VC. OR sailing through the Mekong Delta on a PBR in the front firing at baddies Apocolypse Now style. ............................OK im done.............. :oops:
Oh and Marksman.............I TOTALLY agree with you about Hitman......I assumed you have played Splinter Cell. I have #1 and #2. Both excellent. Only with Hitman, (i plyed number 2.) i didnt like the what i called BS Meter. AKA the suspicion meter. When you walk by someone and they spot you if you take too much time. And then they kill you. It needed more stealth moves to it. But i liked how you can use cool ways to get to your targets. AKA Pizza Delivery to a slob. Or acting like a patient to a doctor. Cool game...I know how you feel...I get all worked up when i get to do those things....slip silently past guards :camo: and kill the Mobster with fiber wire......ahhh good times.......goooooood times..... :) [/list]

Though it was ages since I played it, But I remember when I kicked some serious ass and sat up for a few days while playing against others in the same room. I can so totally wipe out people with the P90!

Rock On.. :rambo:
I like BF1942. I dont know why but i love it. it is the best game out. My second favourite is Americas Army.
I pretty much just play Call of Duty with the Heat of Battle mod lately. The ballistics on Americas Army drive me nuts.....the comment the guy made about the SAW is no joke. You'd think being made by the military they'd want more realistic ballistics? Anyway....

All of you guys REALLY need to try the COD multiplayer game with the Heat of Battle mod, new ballistics, some new weapons, new maps, and just teh most killer online military game I have ever played.........and I have played them all!!
There is also Battlefield: Modern Combat
which is the same thing but for PS2 and X-BOX. Im pretty sure but not 100%.
Locke said:
i play Vietcong.
IMO its the most realistic game on the market, it requires a very good system to run, as they made the graphics engine themselves, but it is worth it, the jungle is immersive, the weapons, (when fully patches) are great and its got an "authentic" feel to it. this is one of two games i own (CoD is the other one) iv sold everything else as they dont match up to vietcong, Cod i will sell soon. but yeah, go VC!!

I've got the Vietcong: Uncensored Edition and its the most realistic (in terms of language) military game that I've came across..I dont know about everyone else, but frankly im tired of seeing military games that put you in the middle of Hell and the worst words that come out of your mouth is "damn" (IMHO)..
I don't know about BAFF42 being unrealistic(I'm biased-I play all the time). Have yale played the Forgotten Hope mod? I've seen people that can snipe ya to frustration. But, does require a DSL connection atleast(actually from what I've been told-the cable connections are not that good for online gaming-they are sometimes not a part of the backbone of internet-causing lag). And playing with a Clan that uses a teamspeak device/playing in leagues-team work is a major part of it. I think that none of the games have everything in them to make them really realistic-there always seems to be something that the programmers didn't think to add(I don't think that too many of the programmers have any military experience).
Since I have discovered Joint Operations all other games collect dust. This is by far the most entertaining first person shooter you and 150 of your closest friends can play.......I especially like taht you can achive points through more selfless acts like carrying people by chopper or jeep etc to battle area, or by healing people hurt....

Great game........except.......it shoudl be a controlled substance.......it has ruined my sleeping habits.
BF42 is like that-my kill death ratio isn't 1.0, but I always score high cause I'm either fighting to take a spawn point or defend it.
Im playing doom3 at the moment but farcry is good. I think the best fps game ever is team fortress classic for halflife hands down. At the highest skill levels playing in clans is ammazing... It takes a SHIT LOAD of strategy and skill, and being down by a cap with 3 mins left in the round is as intense in gaming as you are going to get. You have defense and offense and both are chatting on comms grouping together trying to break through the defense to get the flag out. It takes a serious ammount of skill its easly one of the most skilled games but once you get the skill and play for a good clan it cant be beat. Simply having the best players means nothing because the best strategy is always going to win.