Favorite First person Shooter (Military)

Favorite First Person Shooter

  • Call of Duty (Standard)

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  • Day of Defeat 2.0

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  • Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod)

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  • Far Cry

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  • Counter Strike

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  • BattleField 1942

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  • Battlefield Vietnam

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  • America's Army

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  • Operation Flashpoint

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  • Hidden & Dangerous Series

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Sgt. Nick Fury

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Which do you like best? and post why?

I did not include Sci Fi shooters like Unreal etc......more interested in favorite military shooters.
Battlefield 1942 with the Desert Combat mod.. :D
(haven't tried BF vietnam yet..)

I have just bought Far Cry, but not playet it yet. (it looks promising!)
i play Vietcong.
IMO its the most realistic game on the market, it requires a very good system to run, as they made the graphics engine themselves, but it is worth it, the jungle is immersive, the weapons, (when fully patches) are great and its got an "authentic" feel to it. this is one of two games i own (CoD is the other one) iv sold everything else as they dont match up to vietcong, Cod i will sell soon. but yeah, go VC!!
MOH is ok, the last one was pretty cheesy. I'm not big into the PC games, as my computer falls out laughing any time I attempt to install one. Most of the games I do have are for XBOX and PS2, and there aren't too many FPS military games out there for those systems. FPS became unpopular for a bit, but it is starting to make somewhat of a comeback for game systems.

I've seen a bit of the Blackhawk Down series, makes my blood boil and we've been working for awhile to shut that blood money maker down.

HALO, while more Sci-Fi military is actually a pretty good FPS, I taught my daughter to clear rooms on in.
Counter Strike. I dont really play so much so i cant really say, but i like Counter Strike really a lot. I think Half life and doom are awsome too.
iv u have a top computer, get this when it comes outhttp://www.fullspectrumwarrior.com
while it looks like a FPS its actually a squad based strategy game, graphics look incredible, AI sounds amazing, aparently its a modified version of what the US army use to teach its leaders urban warfare
Call of Duty (Standard) - very engaging and action-packed, very fun
Day of Defeat 2.0 - very enagaging and actioned-packed, very fun
Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod) - never tried it
Far Cry - never tried it
Rainbow Six Series - ultra-tactifcal, requires thought and skill, not as action-packed but very fun nonetheless, if not more fun that shooters
Counter Strike - a timeless classic, small learning curve, yet deep enough to satisfy, requirs much skill, very very fun
BattleField 1942 - arcadey, very well rounded, a good server is required for optimum enjoyment, very very fun
Battlefield Vietnam - require more skill and teamwork than 1942, harder learning curve, requires patience but very very rewarding and fun
Blackhawk Down - bad game, too easy. Should never have been made, as it is very disrespectful. Not something to make a game out of.
America's Army - requires a lot of skill, hard learning curve, very tactful and realistic, very fun, geared towards those who do not just want to run and gun. very fun
Operation Flashpoint - never played it, but a very good game
Hidden & Dangerous Series - requires much tact and skill and decision-making, hard learning curve, fun
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Rambo-ish, not too much skill required, very action packed and run and gun, very very fun
Medal of Honor Allied Assualt: Spearhead - Rambo-ish, nice improvements upon the first, too short, very fun
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough - by this time the game has gotten old. Very little new content. Not worth it, and too short on top of it.

My estimation of things. :rambo:
Blackhawk Down - bad game, too easy. Should never have been made, as it is very disrespectful. Not something to make a game out of
Man all of the 'delta force'-s are bad,non realistic ;)

R6 Series rules :sniper: . Man I love those games. Take some skill instead of running around blowing stuff up(Which is also fun, but not as much).
Offtopic,or is it you can switch to 1 person view.Hitman-series are good,spying,silent assasinations,ahhhhh.......it makes me go nuts when i see something like that :lol:
My own 2 cents....(well maybe a few dollars)

Call of Duty: This is the game that is the reason I didn't even mention MOHAA series. It's basically the upgrade, the team came from people who left the MOHAA series wanting to make something "better". They succeeded in every aspect. I find the fact that you actually use iron sites the best thing invented since sliced bread.....I know other games "sort" of do this but it really feels to me like I'm siting down a rifle.....I love it. The only problem is of course the ballistics suck and for "game balance" they were unfair to the actual performance of the weapons. The ballistics are still better then MOHAA though.

Day of Defeat: This was my favorite game for a very long long long time, and killed Counter Strike for me. Finally more realistic ballistics. Being able to grab cover as in hit dirt. Going prone is pretty much manditory for me to take a game seriously. Having good sniper weapons that include some movement instead of being AWP BS. Incredible house to house fighting maps........but like any great game there comes a time when an engine has seen it's best days.......but if your computer can't play the best of the new games yet....this is a MUST play. It is the BEST in my opinion of the half-life era games.

Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod): This is the mod that fixes my only qualms with Call Of Duty and does so much more including adding new weapons like the SVT-40 (Drool..) This is the most perfect first person simulation I have played.....Rainbow six, Americas army etc etc wash it's car and pay it a dollar for the privlage. You can cook off grenades in your hand before throwing. Friendly Fire is ALWAYS on. Ballistics are the most correct I have seen so far on ANY game (maybe the CKR mod was better but it never really got popular and didn’t have all the extras) (though I don't feel they will be accurate truly until we have ricochet and different material objects) Nades that don't kill you stun you knock out your hearing for awhile and make ya see blurry for a bit. Some shots to the body will halt you momentarily (like getting spun)…..(disorientation makes explosions seem very very real.) ALL weapons have a melee mode, (rifle butt pistol whip, basically if you’re face to face you can just throw down). It adds many new maps that all look very very professional. It's team based cap the flag game where more then one person is required for capture....so it really attracts team based players and not self serving hot dog gamers. If someone shoots you in the foot you get knocked to the ground......just all kinds of little things.......did i mention the SVT-40??????They are adding more stuff too like being able to pick up live nades.....(personally I'd grab cover but hey...) If you haven't tried it it's free to download just have to have a copy of COD. In my opinion this is the best multiplayer first person shooter bar none at the moment.

Far Cry: You will need a super machine to play this, but if you do have one it's the best single player game of all time. It’s also the scariest game I have played since the “They Hunger” series. As for multiplayer I’m mixed…..maps and large outdoor areas and mountains are terrific!!! However, I don't like damage situation. P eople can take to many hits without dropping it's not lethal enough to feel realistic...everyone runs faster then flo jo with a full gear….just doesn’t feel real......that said....all of these can be fixed in a mod, and this is the BEST OUTDOOR GAME EVERY CREATED. The forests feel real.....high foilage and incredible graphics. Some of the BEST AI I ave ever seen in a single player game. (I don’t mean just hard AI, but they can get faked out like people too) What I am most excited about in this game is it has one the most intuitive and incredible map editors, and makes modding EASY (relatively) There's about 30 mods in SERIOUS development for this engine. Including "The Forgotten War" mod...(The Korean War) which promises to be incredible by the screenshots......if you could iron site like on COD it would be perfect and that mod is coming out soon. This game is a must have because of all the future mods in roduction for it….it is the next half life in the mod world and I really doubt Half Life 2 will be able to take the title back due to it’s limitations on outdoor environments.

Rainbow Six: What can I say it's best modern simulation game I have seen. That said it's no Day of Defeat much less Call Of Duty. I find it infuriating that you can be a highly elite trained squad that can not step over 3 foot obstacles....ballistics need tweaking....Very nice graphics.....(before far cry was released) I like it better then Counter Strike but it just doesn't do it for me like the COD/HOB series does. Still.......the Single player squad game is best on market I have played, (Though Hidden and Dangerous 2 might beat it too).

Counter Strike: I dog this game now but only because I played it soooooo much. This was the game to change everything. I certainly respect it for that. However the ballistics do not approach realism on these weapons, it's so easy to cheat with AWP even with all the patches ......a magic marker on your screen and a quick macro for using your site and you can sniper shoot while jumping......(ARRRRGH). The maps for most part look like horrible lego play sets and do not give a feeling of a real battle front, or real buildings. The nades are VASTLY weak......and a flashbang effect is no where near as good as the more modern games. Frag grenades in this game feel like hurled cherry bombs. I dunno it was a great game in it's day but that dinosaur fell into the tar pit a long time ago and condition zero really has not revived it. By comparison to newer games it’s an arcade game at best, and encourages using tactics that are just stupid in a real urban environment.

Battle Field 1942: This is not a first person simulation really. It's a great arcade game though. (I love ww2 tanks that can fire accurately while on the move) (sarcasim) It's still hard to snipe effectively even with a good connection and computer due to packet issues and lag. That said this game is PURE fun......it's not realistic but it's very very fun! This is a game that really doesn’t take itself that serious..and if you just want to have fun this is a great multiplayer game.

Battlefied Vietnam: Haven't tried it, but my suspicion is it's not that realistic either but i hope I am wrong.

Blackhawk down: great concept crappy engine....nuff said. I don't feel it is disrespectful so much as just made in ignorance.

America's Army: I LOVE the concept. I think this was also a great idea for the military as a recruiting tool. Graphics are gorgeous but already getting dated. My biggest concerned is like rainbow six, you can be foiled by a large tree stump. It's a good game though. I feel ballistics could be better as well. Maps need some serious work as well. It could really use some upgrades by the development team.

Operation Flashpoint: Looks interesting only played with it once at friends house. The engine seemed really buggy to me, that said this game has potential and the next one coming out looks really sexy from screenshots....I'll wait till then when it has been fine tuned.

MOHAA: INCREDIBLE single player play.......horrible multiplayer play. The ballistics are not good at all. Enemy AI sees through foilage rendering foilage and cover useless for sneaking. The maps need improvement. Really I liked it before I played COD but now I know what I am missing. That said.....for single player play I recommend you play every bit of this series. The upcoming Pacific game has promise.....hopefully they'll get some ideas from COD.

Soldier of Fortune: Gory fun, too arcadish for multiplayer though. This game wins for most gore though hands down.

Hidden and Dangerous: the first game was buggy but still SO mcuh fun....I loved it. Rainbow Six meets ww2 basically...I would like to try the new game as well I fear the multiplayer will not come close to COD though from what I have read, just have to try it and see.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: A AWSOME game that was ruined by no real care or thought given to multiplayer. ID does not support the mod community well, the multiplayer was put in as a afterthought. This could have been so much more. That siad any expansions made for it I would buy in a second, zombie nazi's are the best thing to kill besides Haji fanatics. When is ID going to wake up and realize they need to follow Valves and now Far Cry's example. If you give the mod community the proper tools your game can become larger then it ever was originally. Wolfenstein 3D started everything …this sequel game deserved better.

A final note.......try Call of Duty, with the free “Heat of Battle” Mod.....this is one of the best multiplayer games I have played bar none. Beware though it has attracted some of the best players as well. Everyone playing pretty much are mouse and keyboard wizards that can drop to one knee, shoulder their rifle, lean around a corner and pop you at 100 yards in a second. If you have good skills this is the game to play. If you still need to practice play regular Call of Duty.

If you have a older machine but can play Half-Life engine games great I HIGHLY suggest you play the Day of Defeat series it's much superior play to the Counter Strike series if your willing to drop your Colt for a good old M1 Garande.......also it's single player only but if you have not played "they Hunger" and have the half life game go download it. It's free it's scary and it's better then even the original Half Life for single player fun. (Zombie game) “They Hunger” is the best single player game ever made that most people don’t even know exists….it’s free……
Blackhawk down: great concept crappy engine....nuff said. I don't feel it is disrespectful so much as just made in ignorance.

What do you mean by "great concept?" I am honestly curious.
RnderSafe said:
Blackhawk down: great concept crappy engine....nuff said. I don't feel it is disrespectful so much as just made in ignorance.

What do you mean by "great concept?" I am honestly curious.

To make a modern first person simulation giving the city of Mogadishu, and the country of Somalia as the back drop and also including helicopters etc......Also to have very open environments and large scale maps...(when thsi game came to development there was not much of either).

They dropped the ball though. They made a crappy engine, they didn't get the actual history right, and basically did a shody job.
The engine is crap,but it's upstanding how many polygons can it stand with minimal memory usage(models are high poly,and i cant talk about maps),thats the good part and every thing else is crap?
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

I'm not too big on the single player missions, but whenever I get ahold of multiplayer...you don't hear a sound from me (Mainly because I'm sniping someone out)