Favorit post WWII Fighter/Bomber.

Marksman said:
Bf-109 was good high caliber rounds,not so great speed,but a good plane.Spitfire was more manowarouble and faster,i stick to the Mesershmit 262 8)

P-51 was better! :D
It lacked in speed, and it depends on what version of Bf-109 you're aiming...... But if You want really loaded plane of guns, Ya, bro, need FW-190! It was armed, that it couldn't be more.... :D
Me-262, is exellent plane for that age..... But it lacked very much in manouverability, but it certainly was the greatest painmaker to the Allied bombers............. But in dogfight, he was faster, but allied fighters were the most manouverable.... So it was luck..................
Favorite post world war 2 aircraft? Hands down the Tomcat, just love that figther.

And I can't believe people said the starfigther! I'm sorry, I just really can't.
Have to say A-10!!! We have a lot of fighters flying over and around my hometown and the sound of these A-10´s is absolutely amazing. The gun i think 30mm Gatling is :cen: awesome. You can hear it for miles.


Greetz Joker
I like the A-10 for its payload capacity plus just looking at it says Don't :cen: With Me! and the F-16 for its agility.
WWI - Fokker Triplane
WWII fighter - p-51
Korean War - F-86 Sabre
Vietnam - F-4 Phantom2000
Modern - Tie between F/A-18E and F-16C