Favorit post WWII Fighter/Bomber.

Hands down the F-4 Phantom II...a true case of determined aluminum poisoning to the enemy there ever was!
The F-84F Thunderstreak, I'll never forget the beauty of the aircraft on static display near the courthouse in Terre Haute, Indiana and the story behind it.
Ok, I'm running off on a tangent of my own here, since this is a ground attack aircraft, but the A-10 "Warthog" Thunderbolt is a beautiful thing, on the inside, where it counts. :lol: A flying tank.

very good,he was damnbuster too :lol:
personaly i think the lancaster was one of the best bombers ever built, and the hawker hurricane was a great fighter because it was easy to fixif it hapened to get shot up, a very rugged and realiable pair of planes.
Bf-109 was good high caliber rounds,not so great speed,but a good plane.Spitfire was more manowarouble and faster,i stick to the Mesershmit 262 8)
I thought this was a POST WWII thread.

Oh well. My favorite Post WWII fighter is the CF-18 Hornet and bomber is the B-2 Spirit.
F-86 Sabre for sheer beauty
F-15E Strike Eagle for horsepower
F-16 Falcon for adaptability
A-10 Thunderbolt for whoopass ability and bein' butt ugly and scary lookin'

That's a hell of a good plane! It isn't beaten, still!

Phantom II, F-22, F-15, F-14, B-2, F-117............