Favorit Animal

Heck me too.

Big cats, Tigers. I want a Tiger :twisted: .

I find the social structure of lions to be represtative of what human beings' social structure was meant to be, but it has been perverted by us.

Bears are nice too :)
Since I own 3 horses and ride a bit, I would have to go with Horses, followed by Cats (have one of those right now), followed by dogs (endless friendly and useful critters) and Giraffes (silly looking but very neat) :D
Mine is a dog because who else in the world is so happy to see you when you get home and never aske of anything in return but your love and attention. they are loyal and they do not ask anything in return
I like Penguins and Orangutans, all other apes are just fugly. If I had a Orangutan I would name it Mischief.

... I heard that if you take the sweat glands off of a skunk they make great pets. But also you have too catch a skunk and illegally cut out its smell glands. :cowb: