FAV WW2 fighter aircraft?

whats your favorite WW2 aircraft (including all varianst and models)?

  • P-51 mustang

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  • P-40 Kittyhawk

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  • BF- 109

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  • FW- 190

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  • corsair

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  • Zero

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A new lightweight aluminum alloy developed in Japan was used and Horikoski chose to omit armor plate and self-sealing fuel tanks from the design. These protective devices weighed hundred of kilograms and could not be incorporated if Mitsubishi hoped to meet the performance requirements specified by the navy. Yet the lack of these components eventually became the Zero's undoing.


The Supermarine Spitfire Mk.9 is my favorite WWII A/C of all time. You can't beat the look of a 5-bladed propellor on an already kick-a** airplane.
what happened to th P-38? i couldnt help but notice it wasnt one of the options :eek: ;) If anyone remembers, the P-38 lightning was a world class plane with uncommenly exelent qualities.
Redneck said:
For me it's a toss-up between the P51D and the P38 Lightning.

I definitely agree with you there, about face, the Lightning was an excellent and very durable fighter.
I agree, the lightning is pretty durn cool lookin. Although, I think the German messerschmitt wins for the coolest name though. :p

the hawker hurricane is my fav fighter of ww2, and it could be fixed easier then the others because of the materials it was made of which meant you could get it back in the air quicker if it was shot up:)
P-47 Thunderbolt, eight .50 calibur machine guns, those babies tore up some nazi @$$. And it had a supercharger so it performed well for a big plane. :cowb:
My personal favourite Is the Spitfire, it's design is fantastic, one of the best looking fighters I've seen. Twas a pivotal aircraft in the Battle of Britain and fought well in the desert campaign.
In my opinion P-51's the best overall fighter, it's manouverability capabilities were just enormous..........
My favorite would have to be Messerchmitt BF-109 K-4, love that plane.

The plane of choice for WW2 would have to be the Mitsubishi Zero however.