FAV WW2 fighter aircraft?

whats your favorite WW2 aircraft (including all varianst and models)?

  • P-51 mustang

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  • P-40 Kittyhawk

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  • BF- 109

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  • FW- 190

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  • corsair

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  • Zero

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I don't think zeps/dirigibles made the best FIGHTER aircraft there, GuyontheRight. :lol:
It's the title of the topic (WWII Fighter Aircraft). But yeah, the dirigibles were pretty slick. Weren't they almost exclusively on the East coast?
The aircraft I liked the best was the F4F wildcat...barring that, Id have to P-61 Black Widow night fighter
I have always loved the Supermarine Spifire.

My grandfathers brother was a Lt-Colonel, Wing Commander Flying, in the RAF during WW2.

Unfortunatelly he was killed 3 February 1945..
He had finnished his last mission, but he asked for one more, before he was going home.
He did not return from that one..

Shot down and/or crashed, probably because of a drop-tank that was not released after a dive.. :?

Here's some info and pictures, his name Rolf Arne Berg. (pic 2 and 4)
And some info about the 331 sqn.
I really liked the P-38, it was a very aggressive looking aircraft. Fast, good fire power and very agile. They were also a good weather recon bird to send out on scout duty ahead of the bombers over eastern europe.
Cant go wrong with the ol' "Jug". It has that kind of feel to it. Ya know. The " ol reliable" plane kinda image. Its not sleek, its not stylish, its just there to shoot down planes. Its the old cow Bessie.
Zero's were better than most everything we had in terms of manuverability. That's what i would want if i went into combat with a WW2 plane.
yah but also ther were other "genres" of combat such as bombers and in the case of te heinkel he 219 night fighters and then theres dogfighters