Famous Sniper Quotes

"I gotta piss....**** nevermind."

I can't believe this hasnt been said, but the target's side always shouts, "SNIPER".

"Wow I didn't think he woudl splatter like that."
I am the master of your fate, I choose when you live or die, and you will not know when it comes, When I have you in my sights I AM GOD
Many of these comments sound like the utterance of a psychopath, someone who does not view other people as humans, merely objects. I don't know if it's necessary to be a psychopath in order to be a successful sniper, but it probably helps.
I was once offered the opportunity to become a sniper, but declined. Not my line. I remember talking to WWII and Korean War soldiers who told me that captured snipers were interrogated with rifle butts and bayonets and then executed with their own weapons, and I am perfectly okay with that. It is a hazardous occupation and that's one of the hazards.
During WWII, General Omar Bradley sent a memo to his subordinate commanders explaining that he had visited the Prisoner of war cages and had seen numbers of captured German snipers. He informed them that he didn't want to see anymore of that.
I came across the old thread, thought I'd ad to it.

"You can't shoot what you can't see" Instructor at SNIPER school.
" There is no greater weight to carry as the knowledge you took another life, use that weight like a bench press to build a hard heart and strong mind so that you are prepared to take another. You are the most hated and feared men in the battle. Your fellow soldiers will not understand you and may even avoid you. The enemy will despise you more than all others and fear you as you demoralize them and break their will to fight. You must be prepared to kill enemies seen by the bleeding hearts as children, these "children" are armed and battle hardened. You will be called upon to kill the old who command the slaughter of the innocent along with the women who are willing to follow those commands. Never forget you are the scalpels of warfare, the masters of shade and shadow, you are the reapers of souls, the unconventional dealers of death. You are REAPERS of the wicked." SNIPER School
A few of my favorite phrases; Tango is down, ,No Sir, I do not believe I am God, however I do believe I am his personal surgical instrument of warfare. ( Said to a field grade officer while debating the use of Snipers in terrain and urban operational settings) "I missed!" "Bro you tagged him in his cranium" " yeah I was aiming for his heart"

There was an earlier post that said something about us being psychopaths, well my man all I can say is while you sit afraid of fire boots behind the wire showing you're no fighter. We undergo constant psychological testing and assessment. Our recon capabilities surpass the best technology in the Arsenal, while you huddle praying because of a few mortar rounds , are covered in leaches laying for days in the exact same position while the occasional cobra crawls over our our weapons and through rags. We are eating grubs and what ever else while you're fat ass is in the show hall. We may never get to shoot, we may just dray page after page of the same buildings making notes on occupants. Where they are going what they are wearing what times they are seen direction of travel. We are not crazed killers but we are killers hunters of men.