Ever Lick a 9v Battery?

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I thought I did that? Oh well, Redneck, if you want to claim it, by all means go right ahead!!

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I have a healthy respect for batteries and metal contact.

I have newfound respect for that too lol. And it was only a 9 volt. I have friends who've done it with 12 volts.

How many volts is your standard car battery?
Lt_Strony said:
well i went to a private school and in our science class this guy learned that steal wool catches on fire....we were doing experiments with different stations and there was a box of steal wool...then they were supposed to use a small part for somethen....well he took a huge piece and lit it on fire and saw it then dropped it into the box of more steal wool....the teacher saw it and ran out the door and put it out and he got in trouble and couldnt do labs for like a week.....but we did that with putting our tonge on a 9 v battery....i dont have braces so i dont know ;)

get steel wool, compress it into a small cage, then use it as a poi, for poi check out spherculism.com lol and you get somethin lookin like this


I think car batteries are 12V but they have a much higher wattage, so it could kill you.
It's the current delivery capacity that hurts. I= current flow, E= voltage potential, and R= resistance to current flow.

I=E/R The wet tongue is about 1000 ohms of resistance. Braces are, for this purpose, 1 ohm of resistance.

Solve for your tongue. I=9/1000 or .009 amps or 9 milliamps, won't even feel it.

Solve for your braces. I=9/1 or 9 amps or the maximum that the battery is able to deliver to a short. Now heat produced in your braces is P=power, P=Isq x R or 9 x 9 x 1 or 81 watts of heat. 2 watts will burn your skin. Put that much heat on your most sensitive nerves, your teeth, and that, my friend, hurts.

A car battery would have produced about 12 amps which would have fused the braces and turned them molten. :shock:
Missileer said:
The wet tongue is about 1000 ohms of resistance.

Maybe this is me being pedantic, but whos wet tongue are we talking about? seing as "R=Rho L/A" you need to know the length and cross-directional area of the tongue, coupled with its resistivity!! no mean feat!

watchout, advanced subsidiary level physics LOL i think i got an E. If im lucky.
Be very careful. 43 years of electronics engineering. The circuit path is from positive terminal to negative terminal of the battery. Or for electron flow theory from the negative to the positive terminals. Length of your tongue has nothing to do with it, at least not for this application. The measurement of conductivity is mho s. By the way, you'll be a bright kid someday.
ohhh cheite, i forgot about conductivity, its all resistivity lol, damn. pwnt again. hmm il let you win this time... mainly cos ur right...... lol thx for the compliment tho ^_^ i guess ya just cant beat experience huh.