Ever Lick a 9v Battery?


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Ever licked a 9 volt battery? No sweat right, just a little shock. I was bored in class today and wondered what would happen if I put the 9 volt battery to my braces. :idea:

I can't even describe what happened. I was fumbling around trying to get it aligned with my braces. I didn't feel anything so I figured braces aren't conductive. Then all over a sudden this huge surge of electricy goes charging through my head. I felt it in my temples, like someone wacked me as hard as he could with a metal baseball bat. I literally jumped in my chair. My perephial vision flashed white for a couple of seconds, and my vision in the middle went black, almost like I could see the electricity. Then it slowy faded back on. This huge ringing 'thud' pounded into my ears. It slowly faded and I could hear again.

Never ever ever put a battery to your braces. Ever.

I was wondering why exactly it had such a terribly strong reaction with my braces but not with my tongue. And how did it go through my head?

Metal is a better conductor than water (saliva). It passed through your head looking to find ground, although you only noticed it in your head,b/c it was so much more painful.
No ive never done that.

Just wondering what class were u taking? If it was Language Arts or Spanish i totally understand.
It was Bible (private school). We all do weird things when we're bored.

Study hall is hands down the most boring "class" EVER. I've done worse things in that class. Like the time I went around tying people to their desks with their shoelaces without them noticing :twisted:
lol. Bible is borin, but all u do in study hall is study and do last nights homework. I don't even have a study hall.
well i went to a private school and in our science class this guy learned that steal wool catches on fire....we were doing experiments with different stations and there was a box of steal wool...then they were supposed to use a small part for somethen....well he took a huge piece and lit it on fire and saw it then dropped it into the box of more steal wool....the teacher saw it and ran out the door and put it out and he got in trouble and couldnt do labs for like a week.....but we did that with putting our tonge on a 9 v battery....i dont have braces so i dont know ;)
Yet one more benefit of being an american. Atheism is legal (so far :evil: ) Hey, would the religious persons on this board do me a favor and help stop erosion of freedom of (and from) religion? Please? I mean, I protect your rights to free speech and all that, maybe just return the favor?

well, :eek:fftopic: , but it's leagle to be atheist in Israel.... They teach us bible as a part of the Jewish colture... Remember, Israel has not seperated church from state....But you dont have to be religious, most people arnt...
Jamoni said:
Hey, would the religious persons on this board do me a favor and help stop erosion of freedom of (and from) religion?

What?! That made no sense.

Anyway, back in high school in my Bio classes we would spend most of our time launching home-made rockets with dissected rats strapped onto them across the river, and one time one of our "experiments" blew up and burned all the hair off my face (eyelashes and eyebrows GONE :lol: ), and the flames kind of followed the curve of my ballcap and took out my sideburns, too.
My teacher had a picture of it hanging on the wall of the classroom (hell, it may still be there for all I know) along with a picture of two of my buddies who managed to blow up one of the rats and were covered in formaldehyde-gut goo.

That was 6 years ago, though. I'm much more mature now. :lol:
You are one strange cookie... I think they may have a communications spot open for you once you get in the military buddy. Maybe you could find some amazing breakthrough in commo technology with those braces.
I used to do chemical work at a place that built power cells for NASA and military applications. I tell you what, if anyone touched one of them to braces you ran for your life and the person would have to be scraped out of the bomb proof walls. :cry:
I have a healthy respect for batteries and metal contact. ;)
So do they allow observers in the area, Janie? Because I'd hate to waste my money if I couldn't watch. :lol:

Just kidding, nothin but love for you, FutureRANGER. :lol: