Did kalashnikov stole the design from STG44???

is the design stolen

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Kalashnikov was trying to build a replacement SMG for the Red Army. And he later scraped that Idea and built the AK-47 after the war. The main reason is that during the end of WWII. The long rifles and claibers of the world powers didn't work for street fighting. Which was becoming the norm. The 7.62X39 M43 Carridge was designed and made in 1943. Hence it's name. ANd the SKS Carbine was actualy first built to replace the VST-40 and M1891 Mosin Nagant rifle. That was to be chambered in 7.62X54R. The M43 cartridge was first built for a carbine type rifle. Something along the lines of the M1 Carbine. But it was later used in the SKS Carbine, which goes by he Soviet name as the Siminov 45 Carbine. Kalashnikov later took his sub machine gun deisgn and pllpied the same princeable as the STG44. And hence the AK-47 was born.

I've fired both the STG44 and a real soviet AK-47. Both have about the same recoil. But the AK-47 is a far better rifle than the STG44. The STG44 is simple next to the M1 Garand, SVT-40, and Gewehr 41. But when you have the AK-47 and the STG44 taken apart. You see the difference. If I was armed with a STG44. WOuld I feel under armed. No way. It's a great rifle for it's time. And it they were made with good German tooling. Like 1936 period tooling and metals. That rifle would be great. Also the 7.92X33mm cartridge is really cool. The DDR (East Germans) made STG44s until the early sixities. And when Uday Saddam and Qusay Saddam were killed in Iraq. They were killed holding STG44s. Uday loved that rifle. I've also seen some STG44s floating around in Taliban hands during my time in Afghanistan. They do work. And they work good. I just hated destorying those rifles. I cry sometimes when I think about the firearms that were burnt and crushed.
Just by looking at the 2 weapons you can see that Kalishnikov was influenced by the AK. I agree that stole is too strong, most modern technology be it guns or whatever is based (at least in part) on the previous one.
Re: well

Well, I just dont see a need for a highschool kid owning a gun.

Actually I own two shotguns but that is because I am a very active hunter.
TheSunsetSniper said:
I can understand why you think that it is a possibility. The STG and the AK look very similar on the outside, but the interal mech. of an STG resembles much more that of an MP5.

Thats because the Mp5, like the G3, G36 , and the Cetme are all built of the same basic design. After World War 2 the same guy who invented the STG went to spain to work on the Cetme and this was used in the work of plenty of German rifles thereafter.

Its true the SKS 45 has much more similarities to the STG44 than the AK47 ever did apart from the basic visual ergonomics.
Most of the Russian designs were stolen I would say to make things easier. Just like the US Military took the idea of the belt fed mechanism from the MG-42 and the FG42 gas driven action to be used on the M-60 MG. There are lots of countries make copies of different military small arms.

Was there a patent on the weapon or was it a war trophy
the AK is way better

1-it is more powerful
3-more reliable

The Viet-cong would hide them in rivers and buried in sand for months, and they would still work.