Did kalashnikov stole the design from STG44???

is the design stolen

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I find great similarity betwen these two and it has come to my mind that the AK is a improved STG44,as a metter of fact i think that STG is even better.what do you think??

Well, Kalashnikov admits he was very influenced by the German desighn....But the AK47 is better. Lighter, more relaible.
yep, I agree with Sherman, I think that "stole" isnt the right word,but it is visible that he was inspired by this gun. I think that '44 and Ak47 have different types of breech (is it the correct word?) .It is similar like if yoz say that Americans stole the V2 design for construction of the space rockets..

PS:I'll be glad if you correct me if i use any incorrect words especially in weapon terminology.thanks
I cant judge it cause i have never seen this gun shooting and I have neva read any references about it,but i think that Ak will be more "smart" cause its younger so Mr Kalashnikov had time to find the bugs of '44 :D
Thats true but STG is more reliable
It jamed so few times that allies switched their Tompsons and sometimes even BARs for it 8)
Thats true but STG is more reliable
It jamed so few times that allies switched their Tompsons and sometimes even BARs for it

I doubt it. I dont think anything but death and the IRS is as relaible as the AK...Iknow people who picked up AKs from the dessert dunes...These guns set there for years...Clean them up just a bit...And then it works.

Thats insane dude. Dont mess with that crap....You having a Luger is dangoures enough...I mean I love my M1 and all, but i wouldent take it home with me...(Well, my father has a couple of guns though)
Marksman said:
There are two ways a gun (or any weapon at all) can be dangerous to you;
1) The guy holding it doesn't like you very much
2) You don't respect it.

I remember a story about a police shootingrange intructor, who'd been instructing shooting guns and rifles for almost twenty years. He took a bullit to the had while leaning on his rifle. It went straight through, and he survived, but that was just luck.
I think having a gun around the house if you don't need to, is just one more risk to take.
To get back on topic: I think it's not really 'stealing', I'd use 'improving and (re)designing"
Actually, I do remember to have read an interview with Mikhail Kalashnikov years ago where he said that, in WW2, his platoon had been decimated somewhere in Belarus in a battle against German troops armed with STG44. He affirmed that, once he saw how the less than reliable Russian rifles couldn't fire due to the mud and water, he decided to create an assault rifle to ensure that such a slaughter couldn't happen again.

As a result, the AK-47. He admitted that the German design for the STG44 was so good that forcefully he needed to adopt a similar solution.
Re: well

sherman105 said:
Well, I just dont see a need for a highschool kid owning a gun.

:lol: I got my first shotgun for my 6th birthday, by the time I was in high school I had 5 long guns.

On-topic, the only information I have to go off of is a History Channel "Tales of the Gun" episode about the AK, and in an interview on the show with Kalashnikov, he got a little upset when this question was asked of him. :lol:
The Russian Army over ran the factory that was producing the STG44. Though they could not make the complex machined parts for the great rifle that was the STG44, A guy named Kalashnikov came along and made a simpler version of it. One using mosty stamped parts, and is EXTRAORDINARILY easy to operate. There's my two cents.