Did Jessica Lynch desearve the Bronze Star?

Did Jessica Lynch desearve the Bronze Star?

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Ok, this has really been somthing thats ticked alot of vets off, at least ackoring to Dave Hackworth, and others over at Military.com. They claim private Jessica did noting to show valor in combat as her certification read, and that although she was a POW, she didn't desearve the "Hero" status. Hackworth as usual blames the Pentagon for "using" another soldier, somthing we've been hearing out of his mouth for years, but I want your opinion.

PS. Cant make polls in the poll forums so I decided to put it here :)
Shit no. Despite her fortitude after being captured, she didn't do anything while in combat. She was knocked unconcious according to the Army official report, therefore she didn't do a single thing to earn the Bronze Star, which is awarded for bravery while in the heat of COMBAT. And I've read stuff saying that the brass was even considering her for a Silver Star, which just plain sickens me. If we're giving awards to combat valor for so undeserving a reason, why aren't we giving out more of them, namely to those that are still on the front lines, sending and receiving fire. It doesn't all add up. If we aren't going to uphold the standards for those most venerable awards for valor in the military establishment, then what else is sacred?
What did she do to deserve a bronze star??????
If she did deserve it, why don't I have several of them????
And I can think of many many others who should be walking around covered with bronze and silver stars if she did deserve that one!

In this particular situation I do believe the news (not the "heroic" liberation of Jessica Lynch news).
Jessica did nothing to deserve a bronze star.

It seems to me like someone high up in the system tries to cover up their own mistakes, and preventing her from telling the thruth by giving her this medal!
I've seen examples of this happening before!
I agree with all of you, it's like back in the Civil War, when they first came out with the Medal of Honor and promptly awarded it to entire units, in fact several of them were "awarded" as signing bonuses to volunteers before they had ever seen combat at all. If anyone deserves anything out of that situation, it's Captain King who deserves a dishonorable discharge (or a firing squad) for not only making the series of mistakes that led to the ambush (marking out the wrong route, retracing his exact path through an enemy held city, indeed an enemy stronghold, and probably several that I am forgetting right now), but most importantly for abandoning his men in battle "to get help" from the Marine armor that eventually rescued the majority of the company. There may be some factor that I am unaware of right now, but this man was and is a coward in my opinion and should never have been put in charge of a unit.
(by the way, my source for all this is the Sacremento Bee newspaper)
She didn't desearve it of course, but I can understand the Pentagons position. They needed a femal hero, somone to help inspire other young women to counter the more leftist feminist movments. Hell, I woulda done the same things, it woulda been wrong, but tell me what politics isn't?
EO (equal opportunity) is probably one of the greatest forces working within the U.S. military today, even in my short tenure, I have run up against it many times. Most notably, when I graduated from LTC at Ft. Knox, one of my buddies was our Platoon Leader, but because none of the four platoons in our company had a female platoon leader (females made up about 5% of our unit), he was pulled from his position for the graduation ceremony so that a female cadet who had no idea what she was doing and who went on an immediate power trip (she actually got a no-go from the course) could stand in front of us throughout the ceremony. But oh, well, what the hell can you do?
Hmm.. I will agree with you guys.

But I dont think she got it to stay silent about something..

Or.. I dont know. It wouldn't surprise me either.

Hmm.. Well.. She didn't deserve it.
NO Pfc Lynch DID NOT deserve the Bronze Star ... :evil:
my opinion is based on what I have read in the news paper,mil.com and the evening news .
I can understand the Pentagons position. They needed a female hero, somone to help inspire other young women
The only Inspiration I see is to be knocked out ,recieve a medal,get a movie and /or book deal.. :x
Theres a movie of the ordeal on Sunday night on NBC, and a ABC Primtime Interview Tuesday night. Im watching them both to see how exaggerated the situation is.
so if i join the army and one of my drinking budys nocks me out in a bar fight do i get a bronze star?

well she did how could i wouldnt?
I agree with the "hero for little girls everywhere" type of thing, but the thing is the general public luvs it so the public pleasing pentagon gave her the bloody medal and that damn movie too!
"hero for little girls?"....she's certainly not my hero. it's soldiers like PFC Miller that are my heros. she claims that the others in her convoy along with Miller deserve more credit and honor than they're receiving....why doesn't she do something about it? all talk. its females like her that make fallacies for the public to think that all female troops are like her....i definately won't be.
heh she's not mine either.. during her little movie thing i changed th channel because i couldn't whatch the little wench get praised for getting hit on the head and carried off to some place. . . . but sigh it's to easy to get medals, the americans gave the 5 dead canadian soldiers medals.. hell of a lot that's gunna do.
i think officials only give out medals a lot of times for publicity stunts. best example: why lynch of course! i hate to see the ones who don't deserve anything get it all, and the ones that do deserve it all (Miller) get nothing. :x
With the way the military is going now does anyone think their will ever be another Alvin York or General Patton? It doesn't seem like there is any room for heroics in the military anymore. All this discussion reminded me of the German soldiers in WW1. 1 out of every 5 soldiers was given a bronze cross. It's a shame.
And amazingly enough we havn't had a MOH awarded in a conflict since Shughart and Gordon got posthumouse in Mogadishu in '93. If you look back through history though, you'll find that the same thing went on in the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam. Publicity in war is a major factor, like it or not, it's always been like this.
There'll always be men like Patton and York, but they'll hardly ever get the attention they so richly deserve. But that's how the military works. It's always the ones in the background that keep it running.
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