Closing Allied bases in Germany, sleep-walking to a nuclear-armed German superpower?

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A spoof press-release from the peace-loving German military

UK accelerates British Army withdrawal from Germany

BBC: Army bases to shut ahead of Germany troop withdrawal

BBC said:
"Some 70% of the remaining troops will now return by the end of 2015 compared to a previous commitment of half by 2015, with the final 4,300 back by the end of 2019, a year earlier than planned.

The pull-out has been accelerated because there were bigger cuts to the Army than originally planned, saving money which could be used for the relocation."

Well this is very worrying indeed. There's apparently no audible or visible opposition to the principle of withdrawing the British army from Germany coming from the UK establishment that I can hear anywhere, not from Her Majesty's opposition from the mouth of Jim Murphy, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, not from the BBC's defence correspondents, not even from any of the independent defence policy organisations.

It looks like the British lion is sleep-walking to a German nuclear-weapons military power which will finally allow Germany to do to London what they failed to do in the Blitz and get us back for Dresden and more given the increased destructive capacity of modern hydrogen nuclear weapons. There will be nothing remaining of London after the Wehrmacht (oops "Bundeswehr") has finished with it.

How London might look after Germany nukes it - :-(
[ame=""]NUCLEAR BOMB HIT THE CITY ! - YouTube[/ame]

Germany we are told has no desire for nuclear weapons - just like we were told that Germany in 1939 had no desire for the rest of Czechoslovia, Poland, France, Russia and a 3rd Reich.

Fool Britain once, shame on Germany. Fool Britain twice, shame on Britain.

Those of us, a declining few admittedly, who have not forgotten the warning from history, do not take assurances from German Chancellors that they have no desire for military conquest.

This idiot UK PM Chamberlain was as reckless as PM Cameron and his Secetary of Defence Hammond and the Labour opposition are reckless in withdrawing the British army from Germany.

Chamberlain - Peace in our time -
[ame=""]Neville Chamberlain - Peace in our Time - YouTube[/ame]

Military intelligence analysis of the British Army withdrawal from Germany

The UK government plans to withdraw or draw-down the British army from Germany, closing our British military bases there.

The British army should keep its remaining bases in Germany. This planned withdrawal and drawdown is short-sighted, reckless and which if all non-German NATO forces do the same would leave Germany free to develop their own German nuclear weapons which will make it a nuclear weapons power in the same league as the UK, France, Russia and China.

What Iran can do in 5 years with the aim to arm itself with nuclear weapons, Germany can do in 5 months or maybe even 5 weeks. Vorsprung durch technik.

NATO should be warning against this foolishness but it is asleep on the job.

Germany can't develop nuclear weapons now, not while they are occupied by "Allied" (now NATO) forces who are an in a position to insist that they can't develop nuclear weapons because we won't let them.

I believe the German constitution says something about Germany being a non-nuclear weapons power and Germany has signed a non-nuclear anti-proliferation treaty.

The Allied powers who occupied Germany after they lost world war 2 to us, insisted Germans were not allowed to act outside of their constitution (or "constitutions", because there were 2 different constitutions while Germany was divided, into East and West)

Having no constitutional remit to do something counts for little unless someone can insist by force of arms that the constitution is respected.

In the past, when Germany wanted to change its constitution against opposition, the German state made temporary agreements with some great powers who could stop them - like the Munich agreement to annexe the Sudetenland part of Czechoslovakia to become part of the German Reich, like the Molatov - Rippenntrop pact to divide Poland, half of it being occupied and ruled by Germany, the other half by the Soviet Union.

However, these pieces of paper were easily shown to be worthless when Germany invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia and Poland later.

The way Germany's neighbours make Germany keep its agreements is we park our tanks on their lawns.

I expect that one of the main reasons the UK wants to withdraw from our German bases is cost. Apparently, since reunification we've had to pay rent for our bases, as have the Americans. So I was told.

Well if it is an unfair rent (and it sounds like it if it is too expensive to afford) maybe Germany are putting the rent up so much because they are trying to evict us?

Anyway, we should be getting our bases rent free since the Allies, well the USA to be specific, gave Germany a huge amount of money via the Marshall fund for German reconstruction.

The Germans owe Britain plenty if we need to offset the rent for our bases in Germany because of the cost in lives and treasure Germany cost Britain by their aggression in Europe which forced us to fight them in 2 world wars.

The non-German NATO countries need to insist on no rent, token rent or, at the most generous, affordable rents.

Keeping our bases in Germany may seem costly when since one raison d'etre for having the bases (The Soviet Union) has disappeared.

So now it is time to answer the question asked why does Britain have so many troops in Germany?

Or rather why did we have so many troops in Germany because at the present rate of withdrawal there will soon be none left!

The threat from the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies of communist-controlled eastern Europe, wasn't the original, primary or only raison d'etre for our bases in Germany. It was the 2nd raison d'etre for our bases which we felt comfortable about talking about with our West Germany colleagues.

OK, well it is time to step outside of our pro-German comfort zone and start re-telling some very important history of why we have military bases in Germany.

There was always the first raison d'etre for our German bases which was to control the constitution of Germany after world war 2. West Germany controlled by the USA, UK and France, East Germany by the Soviet Union.

The withdrawal of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany was conditional on the whole of Germany being in NATO and NATO assuming constitutional over-watch for the whole of Germany.

The Red Army would not have withdrawn from East Germany unless guarantees had been given to prevent Germany becoming an independent nuclear-armed superpower.

So NATO has a responsibility and NATO should be pointing out that Britain withdrawing bases from Germany is falling down on the job and creating great dangers. Sadly, NATO is asleep on the job.

We clipped the German militaristic eagle's wings and we had our military bases there in Germany to see that their wings stayed clipped.

I've never been to Germany but I don't need to talk to people in Germany today to know that they are people whose minds can be changed because all people's minds can be changed.

Many "nice" Germans were put into German concentration camps for opposing the Nazi regime but most people will conform to the requirements of the state or the occupier, in any country.

If we withdraw our bases from Germany then the German military and intelligence establishment will develop and deploy nuclear weapons to make Germany a military super-power, sooner or later.

Keep our bases in Germany to defend the anti-nuclear German constitution for ever more.

It's the only way to be sure.
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Closing Allied bases in Germany, sleep-walking to a nuclear-armed German superp

What a buffoon!.
Closing Allied bases in Germany, sleep-walking to a nuclear-armed German superp

Unleash, you know you want too!.
Just a couple of questions if I may, Pete. Can I call you Pete?

Why would Germany want to drop a nuclear bomb on London/UK? What would they hope to achieve?

Why do we need to keep troops in Germany (at great expense when money is sort), when the Cold War ended 20 years ago and WW2 ended 70 years ago, and nothing sinister has happened since?

Why would the fact that having British troops in Germany, prevent them from arming themselves with nuclear weapons? Why wait until the British troops leave?

Why does NATO need to get involved?

You do realise that there will still be US military bases in Germany? The US is also closing bases - should the US expect to be bombed by Germany as well?

Frankly, I struggle to take you seriously:


You look a catch. Any luck finding Mrs Dow? This photo must have them banging your front door down?:

Closing Allied bases in Germany, sleep-walking to a nuclear-armed German superp

CF, is that you!.
Closing Allied bases in Germany, sleep-walking to a nuclear-armed German superp

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As they say, Google is your friend.
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I PMSL at his site.
As they say, Google is your friend.
Ya wee Chuchta.

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