Chinese T-98 MBT vs American M1A1


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According to some ppl, the Chinese T-98 is as capable as M1A1.

Duno against M1A2.




The Type 98 is the latest derivative of the Type 90 main battle tank (MBT) family. It is also the officially certified version of China's third generation MBT programme, which had undergone development for fifteen years since the mid-1980s. It is understood that the development of the Chinese third generation MBT suffered certain technical difficulties in the early 1990s. The scheduled date of commissioning was postponed several times, until the initial approval certificate of the Type 98 was issued in 1998.

The Type 98 was first revealed to the public in the national day parade on 1 Oct 1999. A small number of the initial production model is in service with the Army for initial evaluations and tests. It is expected that the final production model of the Type 98 will join the service before 2004, depending on progress of the final modification work.

The original design target of the Chinese third generation MBT was as a counter to the Soviet T-72, but the changing requirements shifted the development towards a much more sophisticated machine. The later design criteria of the Type 98 was aiming at challenging the U.S. M1A1 Abrams, while certain aspects of the actually performance of the Type 98 is approaching the standard of the M1A2.

It is surprising that China has developed two MBTs, the Type 88C/96 and the Type 98, with similar performance at the same time. Although the Type 96 was regarded as the second generation MBT, while the Type 98 as the third generation MBT, they are comparable in term of general performance and technology. One possible explanation is that the Type 98 will be equipped by the most elite units in a relatively small number, while the Type 96, with less sophisticated technology and therefore cheaper unit price, will replace the bulk of Type 59/69 in current service.
I would say Draw on the M1 vs Type 98 without to much speculations and with all respect to the beauty of M-84 MBT ( I like that tank very much), but it plays in a different division if it isn´t the M-84A4? The Type 98 tank is by all means as Up-to-date as any western modern tank is today if west hasn`t released a tank that I haven´t heard of yet? :? :)

And then we have to take in considoration ammuniton and crew skills of course but with equal conditions I would say Draw. Yes Draw.... :D

Link M-84:

Link M-84:


About M-84 MBT I think it is a second generation MBT based on Russian T-72 with some Yugoslavian new techs in 1982 (84), while The Type T-98 is a generation higher.

According to Chinese sourse M-84 is an excellent MBT but is only equivalent to Chinese T-85, while China already developed T-88, T-90, T-96, and now T-98, T-99 ,T-2000.

Here is a summary picture of M-84 MBT in Chinese:

And Chinese T-98 is surely one of the top MBT's in the world today.
oh man you cant say what tank are better, M1 have never meet it in combat..

That`s right and we all hope that we never have to find that one out. :? I think the point is that many people around the globe assume to much today when it comes to eastern and chinese weaponsystems and armour. I can only give my 2 cents of what I do know about the Type-98.
It is major differences between first, second and third generation tanks.
China have made one heck of a tank and all sources points at this.

Still I understand what you mean Snauhi. This is only a shot from the hipp. "The Type-98 are as capable as M1A1 and probably as the M1A2 in its Type-98C version." It´s true that these tanks never meet in combat, but the technology that has been free in the open make those tanks comparable. The differance between the two tanks (M1/Type-98 ) may be the stabilisers for the main guns. But on that one I do not have any hard facts only hearsay so I will not assume to much there either. And the obvious thing, different armour configurations. "But still the same protection", only different methods and ingredients to lay this armour. :)


Yeah sorry my bad one,well its a good tank but a decade old

Still I think like this.... Some people say Ferrari and think.... Ooooh.... When I see an M-84 I don´t say anyting. "I just watch the curves" :lol:

M1A1 rules the ground and will rule it for.... 20 years or so... But with new laser & electric defences, I say M1A1 will do more.....
No way that T-98 is better, it's like with Russian T-95.
Another thing. Russians were also proud on their T-72 & later versions, but after the Iraq, they are now thinking hard what to do next, the latest T versions were totally anihilated by US GD "Abrams"............ What's else there to say..............
The only tank that could do har to Arams is Leclerc.
One thing more: How old is Abrams and how old are other tanks his generation?
Uncle_Sam said:
M1A1 rules the ground and will rule it for.... 20 years or so... But with new laser & electric defences, I say M1A1 will do more.....
No way that T-98 is better, it's like with Russian T-95.

are you sure about that? M1 like i said never meat any tanks expect exported t55's and t72's and meyby as you know that exported tanks are much more weaker in almost every aspect then the regulars.
Uncle_Sam said:
That's logical! But even Russian made are............ Anyway I'm positively sure.

no they arent, russians new tank T80UM3 "black eagle" is probably a good tank. and stop comparing T-72 with M1 comprare T-90 with M1.

But hey u cant just say that the m1 is the best tank.












I bet you dont see that in news...
And those M1's were destroyed not by heavy anti-tank gunpower but something used by Iraqi miltants.

If faced with some real Anti-tank missiles, that damage will be more deadly.

But of course, this is true for all tanks.



Marksman said:
.......i feel sorry for this guys..................

Sure for that.

By looking at those destroyed M1's, I am thinking that in real battles all the hype of how good a tank is on paper is gone. In reality a AK47 can shoot down a Apache.

Really hope there should be no more war, even if there is war, man should never overestimate himself nor underestimate the enemy.
Well T-72 was russian pride. We can compare it with T-90, or 95, but still Abrams's better. Of course there must be a destroyed tank in the war, that's normal............ ;)