Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Oh ya, as to the stealth bombers.... kinda pointless, we're comming out with a new breed of unmanned stealth bombers designed to knock out Ground to Air Missles, and our bombers and knock stuff far out from shore with guided missles as well... besides, any country can pick up a stealth signal easily... just have multiple radar receivers positioned in a seperate location than the singal is being emitted, and you can pick it up. During the Cold War, the signal was being emmited from the same place as the reciever, so all the plane had to do was bounce it away in another direction so the radar couldn't complete the 180 turn! Ironically, the first radar systems during World War 2 was set up this way, and could of easily of picked up modern day stealth bombers, but we grew to smart, and stuck the two parts together, and apparently the Soviets copied.
Wait, what do you mean they have a shortage problem....I'm sure if we just ask they'll send over a couple of boatloads.... have the men in China are going to be gay anyway, what's a few more?
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Note how the solider "aim" the target:

H6 bomber loading nuke warhead:
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You love her just as much, that's very fine, I am happy for you all.

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Shoot, I know the US used similar decoys before... does anyone know a place on the net I can buy inflatible jets and tanks..... I think positioning them on the outskirts of my home town on April the 1 would be a riot!!!
Airborne said:
I say we gather together a taskforce, raid China like the Romans did the neighboring village, and bring a bunch of them back.

:LOL: Not like the Romans. More like the Scots: "We’ll slaughter th' lot ay yoo; tak' yer women too!" :viking: :lol:

Forgive me for my vernacular (couldn’t resist); I come not to hijack the thread. Here is a picture to make amends:

BTW, since you are the expert in this thread FlyingFrog, would you mind telling me what this colourful artwork represents?
BTW, since you are the expert in this thread FlyingFrog, would you mind telling me what this colourful artwork represents?

Does it look like a new version of Landing on Romandie or something?
Well, serious, that picture is about PLA soldiers landing anywhere to liberate those oppressed people anywhere on any islands :twisted: