CAP shout outs

Well I am now Officially part of IL-049 instead of 042, and when ever my Airport Based Squadron feels like doing some PT, maybe I can get Promoted.
Hey folks, C/SSgt. Nilsen, 99th composite , SWR-AR-099, By the way, Cadet of the quarter award, 2 times in a row! got a cool shoulder cord that I can wear at squadron events, Visit the Arkansas wing sometime yall
I just buried one of my own yesterday. Actually, I'm not sure if he was still in CAP. I doubt he was ever terminated. He was my first squadron commanders son, and my first cadet commander.

After I became less known as "annoying shuping" he decided that I wasn't that bad of a kid... but I never got the chance to really get to know him after that.

Stay safe guys, I don't want any squadron to have to go through what mine is. People I haven't seen in almost two years were there, and that's great, but it was also a funeral.
It is a shame. We used to have plenty of people. I think the problem is the change to the new format. I think that in the past half a year I only posted 10 times because the format is not very user friendly. Lets bring back the old format!
I don't find the format that much different, to be honest. I think it's that there's just a major lack of interest from the Cadets.

At least that's what it seems to be coming across as.
Have no fear, one cadet has returned. Mainly because it's a great place to learn about past US wars; seeing the AP testmakers don't care about us knowing about how the wars were fought.