Biden in, Trump out

NO:the US election system is so constructed that fraud on a small scale can influence/determine the outcome .
And there is no fraud on a small scale : in Illinois alone 12 people were convicted for election fraud in 2018 ( Source :Voter Fraud ,by The Heritage Foundation ).
There was voter fraud in the US elections from the beginning on and it is increasing .
The reasons for voter fraud in the US elections (presidential and state,local ) are obvious : by importing massively people from the Third World who are accustomed to election fraud, the bosses dispose of a willing reserve of potential fraudsters.
1876,1888, 1960 are well-known examples of elections where the outcome was influenced/determined by fraud .
Tammany Hall, Daley, Pendergast,etc are typical examples of fraud .
For Detroit : in one decade 104 labor leaders, politicians, police officers and bureaucrats were charged with federal corruption-related crimes .
4 years ago already ,there were claims of fraud in the presidential election in Detroit:in 37 % of the precincts there were more votes than voters .
I know that the claims were made by Breitbart, but the reaction of the authorities proved that Breitbart was right : they investigated the claims and admitted them, but said that it was not caused by fraud, but by human mistakes .:-P
Election Day was a little over 3 weeks ago. Trump's legal campaign has yet to present any real evidence of fraud. Rudy Giuliani may rant about fraud, but in front of a judge, he has admitted that there is no fraud. His cases mainly revolve around technicalities and frivolous nitpicking. Today, the Trump campaign is currently 1-36 in election court cases. GSA has already started the transition of power. That is as close as we will get to Trump "conceding."