Best war song

What about the Mickey Mouse club song? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Damm I thought I was going to be so cool when I seen the topic and started singing Mickey Mouse. Ah well.

What about Eougy Bear?
Vietnam era songs, hmm, I would definately have to say fortunate son, and that one by the stones, I cant remember what its called though. I dont know if this one qualifies, but its that song that they play in Platoon when their getting stoned. Cool song.

Non era war songs, I think Dixie ranks up thier with Battle Hym of the Republic.

But I think the all time coolest war song goes to the Scottish. They used to play this song on bagpipes to the American GI's before battle in WWI to soothe thier nerves. It was called Scotland the Brave. Kick Ass song. You oughtta check it out.
Lili Marlene, or Lili Marleen.

Not too many songs are sung by both sides in a world war.

Personally though I like Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.
Paint it Black is a classic... immortalized by Full Metal Jacket and Tour of Duty.
Way to revive an old thread!
I think the reason why a lot of Vietnam era-ish songs are listed is because that was the time when some great songs came out. Nowadays "music" is getting worse and worse.
By Lale Andersen, sung in German. ( Lied Eines Jungen Wachtpostens) or
When the Lights go on Again, sung by Vera Lynn.

Hmm she produced both English and German versions...

German...(1939 recording)

But I still prefer...
English...1942 and she was thinking of us all the time. :)
'Scotland the Brave.' Pipes or pipes and drums. Great marching music and great for piping into battle - single piper even.

And 'Colonel Bogey' is very useful.
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Gloire Immortal (Immortal Glory) by Gounard.

For mourning, Stand to your glasses.

For old fashioned American patriotism in these troubled times, Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You. It was composed in WW I and directed towards the Americans of German descent but applies today.
Detonation Boulevard or Dr Jeep by the Sisters of Mercy.

I do remember driving off a boat in S Arabia, windows down, stereo on full playing The Cure, Killing an Arab, not clever or smart and I'm grown up now, but I'd probably do it again.