Best tank of WWII?

Which was the best?

  • M3 Grant/Lee

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  • M4 Sherman(FireFly version)

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  • Cromwell VII

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  • Churchill VII

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  • Type 97(Oh well...)

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  • M15/42

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Well, I think this belonges here, or maybe the military history area...Oh well, I can allways move it....So which WWII tank was the best?(Note, this pole is for medium tanks, not heavies.)
Right but I could not find avatar with a panther, I have a picture with sitting on top of a panther g and a koenigstiger as well. Need to photoshop it down to size and use it. But I really love my german armour as if anyone could tell by now. :twisted:
panzer said:
Panther G, awesome peice of machine. T34/85 is a close second.

Agreed... T34/85 was beginning to be outclassed towards the end of the war whilst the Panther G was still a very good tank right up to the end.
Snauhi said:
T-34 was cheaper and better then most German tanks.

Cheaper being the operative word.. One of the reasons for the T34's huge success was its simplicity and cheapness to make - exactly what you need in a hugly costly, sapping fight for existence. It was definately the best tank in the world up till late '43 when the revised Panthers began to appear.

Actually I'd make a case for the Tiger Mk1 being a better tank than the T34 too. My favourite tank of WW2 though is still the Konigstiger despite it's lack of mobility and reliabilty - what a monster :D

Anyway, I digress :p
King Tiger is quite a large monster........I was looking at one in person and you could see where the shells had deflected off the front of it.......But yes the T-34 was a great tank til the germans started using 88mm on its tanks.....
Some of the Tigers took in upwards of 70 hits from early T-34s. I think there was a Tiger crew that killed 80 enemy tanks before they kicked the bucket.
that was Michael Wittman and his Crew
he "scored" over 138 tanks and 132 anti tank guns

once he wiped out a whole british convoy with about 25 tanks trucks and recce tanks
they drove on a narrow road trough a forest and wittman waited beside the road in the forest. From a distance of 80 meters he hit the first tank then drove his tiger onto the road and hit one vehicle after the other while his machinegunner held down the british infantry. his tiger got some hits, but nothing serious for a tiger....
so he foiled the attack of a whole british brigade
Yeah. We and the Americans were lucky that we had daytime air supremacy over France during D-Day. If it wasn't for that fact there's no way that we'd have pushed the Germans back as quickly as we did after the break out..

There was some really decent units in Normandy at that time like the 21st Panzer Division, Panzer Lehr Division and the 12th SS Panzer Division.

We had nothing that could really cope with their Panthers or Tigers and the M26 Pershing (a good tank) arrived too late to have any impact.

Only the Red Army's JS-2's could match what the Germans had.
the german problem was the fuel......
there were enough fighting planes but no fuel
they were just parking on their airfields
Can I ask what the M3 Grant/Lee is doing in this poll? It was a nice try as a tank, but far from the best even in the early days of the North African Campaign. I concur with the nomination of the M4 Sherman Firefly, but what about the M4E8 (Easy Eight) or the British Comet??

Personally, I voted for the Panther G - very formidable tank and much better mobility than the Tiger II. It would have been a world beater with a diesel engine as the T34/76 or /85 had.
I can't remember, but did any german armour use a diesel engine? I believe not many did if any at all.