Best tank in the world.

What is the best tank in the world?

  • M1A2 Abrams-USA

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  • Challenger 2-UK

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  • Leopard 2A5-Germany

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  • Leclerc-France

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  • T80U-Russia

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  • Merkava(Chariot) MK4-Israel

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The T-80

I would go as far to say that the later models of the T-80, such as the T-80UM1 is superior to the T-90. The T-90 is based on the T-72, infact it is a renaming of the T-72BU. We all know how T-72s work when confronted with modern western tanks...or just peasents with RPGs. I doubt the old design could be upgraded enough to meet the M1A2, Merkava, Challenger, Leopard and such.

It's also quite disturbed when riding in any Russian tank that the high explosive ammo is right under your arms.
Re: I wouldent say

sherman105 said:
I cant say anything about the Leclerc thats good. I heard it has worse armour then the others. I know it has the Autoloader which i heard to be unreliable.

The Leclerc has a good gun, better then the Abrams, an advanced fire control system and a excellent battle management system. I don't know about the armor, it is Chobham so I don't see how it can be that much worse then others.
Leopard 2 A5

perhaps not the best, but definitely the most beautiful tank in the world 8) !!
AlexKall said:
why not STRV 122? Superior to the Leo 2A6 ;)

Not really. Again, better gun and compareable armour. Pretty certain it has an improved FCS as well.

Would call them equal, with the A6 have a better gun and the Strv 122 got a bit better armour. FCS is pretty compareable, at least as far as i know.
The Strv-122 is superior to the Leo 2A6 is many ways. It's improved top armor can definitly protect against submunitions and possibly even things like the TOW-2B. Also, the Strv-122 has a superior suspension and the Galix defensive system, not to mention the TCCS (Tank Command and Control System). The only advantage the A6 has over the Strv is the L55 gun, which is negated if you're using DU rounds.
Any of the tanks mentioned in the poll would serve any modern army in the world. Due to shared technology there is no one tank that is head or shoulders above the other. It all comes down to which is the most reliable and whether there are any hidden faults in any of the designs. Mind you, if the Germans build their tanks like they do their cars then they should be pretty reliable and built :p

I don't know enough about this subject to be able to say much more.

We've reached a kind of slow evolution right now with tank design.
Best Tank

I found this website by accident, and am highly ammused. I'm currently serving as a British Army officer, and can tell you don't have any idea of British equipment. I know for a fact, from experience, that the Challenger 2 is the best tank. It has a new aplique armour system which allowed it to easily outshine the M1A2 Abrams in Iraq. The Chalanger 2's gun is also more leathal (although the american fire controls system is by far better).
One bogged down Chalanger easily survived more than 7 RPG hits. This was while the recovery crews were working round it, jumping in to their recovery vehicle on the shout of incoming. I'm affraid I can't go in to any detail about it, apart from the fact we have it, as in Iraq it was HIGHLY secret (it was fitted in theatre behind massive screens).
The Challanger 2 has also undergone a moddifying process that made it more reliable than the M1A2 Abrams, but again I'm not at liberty to divulge figures.
I am aware though that America is developing the "Future Combat System" which will develop a vehicl to replace the M1A2 Abrams and the Bradley with a combat weight of just 20 tonnes!

Firstly, easy Kozzy-Mozzy. Now, 7 RPG shots are not a big deal...the RPG should not hurt the tank with or with out added armour. Now JEA, while you know about this secert features of the challenger, you dont know the ones in the Merkava Mk 4, Abarams M1A2, or Leo 2A6, so, really, they dont mean much, lets compare things we are clear about, and can reveal in full detail(as in, not "top-secret). ;)
The Challenger definitly has better all around armor then the M1A2, but it's C3, fire control, and engine are a bit lacking.
I'm not saying what I know is "top secret", but at the time it was restricted to a large degree, and it's not my place to decide what I can say or can't say.
You are right that I don't know the Merkava Mk 4 or Leo 2A6 in detail (I do know them to a limited extent though) but I do know about the Abarams M1A2 as I've worked fairly close to it.
Regardless of how much you say RPG7's (the current version the Iraqies are using) are crap, they can still do a hell of a lot of damage to MBT's, especially around the track or turret joint area, also note that I said MORE THAN 7 RPG's. This is a quote I heard from the DEME(A), head of the REME Corps, while I was sat next to him (hosting him) at a mess dinner function. This was supported by an article in "The Craftsman" which is the official REME magazine.
As for proving my position in the British Army, I don't know how to. I'm not prepared to give my rank or number as I'm not sure what the army will think of me posting on this site (they are really funny about us talking to the press and such). I'm couldn't care less if you belive me or not, I thought I'd provide you with facts on British equipment as you don't seem to know a lot, and I'm sorry that I can't back it up with figures but I could lose my job and that means a lot more to me than proving who has "the best" tank.
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