Best tank in the world.

What is the best tank in the world?

  • M1A2 Abrams-USA

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  • Challenger 2-UK

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  • Leopard 2A5-Germany

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  • Leclerc-France

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  • T80U-Russia

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  • Merkava(Chariot) MK4-Israel

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Id like to know what is considerd by you as the best tank in the world. My patriotisem would have me say Merkava 4, but Im not really sure.please write explenations to your choise or if your tank is not on the list .
The M1A2 not only is the best tank on paper, but its proven combat abilities and sturdiness make it one heck of a machine.
I don't have the time to write a complete essay on the comparative qualities and numbers relating to all of these tanks (some of which to be honest I have never heard of before), but the Abrams is better than them all, and I am never wrong.
to redneck.

I think you might be right. The Merkava Mk4 isent in service yet, but the older Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 had some field experience. I dont think any of them measure up to the Abrams M1A2, but the Mk 4 might....The Leopard is also good.
Ok as I had nothing better to do, I compared all the tanks as best I could using And I would say the best tank does not belong to the Americans, Brits, or Germans. Though its hard to compare the American tank since its the only one not measured in the metric system, though I know enough about the comparison rate to insure it is not the fastest or the one with the most range. The M1A2 is so close to the Challenger they aren't worth comparing.

The Leopard seems to be the fastest with most range though it doesn't say much about its armor other than its made so the fragmentation cone is narrowed with its current armor. I think all the others have advanced enough armor to not allow a fragmentation cone at all for the most part.

The Leclerc had the most impressive targeting sytem. The digital fire control system allows the gunner or commander to select six different targets to be engaged in just over 30 seconds. The system's digital computer allows realtime treatment of data from the tank's sensors and sights. It also has a laser warner, missile warner, and infrared jammer. the Leclerc and T80U semi-automatic loading with the Leclerc able to fire 12 rounds per minute and the T80U able to fire 8 rounds per minute. The Leclerc though had a small small payload for ammunition.

The T80U is very similar to the Leclerc. The T80U has the largest gun at 125mm and the gun can also launch anti tank guided missiles at tanks or even lowflying helicopters. The T80U has 28 round carousel clips and a 48 round payload. The T80U has the same countermeasures available to it as the Leclerc and one less 7.62mm gun than the M1A2.

The Merkava 4 is similar to the T80U except with 2 7.62mm guns and a mortar instead of a .50cal gun. It has the typical 120mm main gun it carries the same amount of ammo as the T80U 48 and has 10 round clips that get fed into the main gun. It's fire control system is able to lock onto moving targets even while it is on the move including helicopters. The tank is protected against a range of threats, including air launched precision guided missiles and advanced and top attack anti-tank weapons. The underside of the hull has been fitted with additional armour protection against mines.

SO I would say its between the T80U and the Merkava 4 only because the Leclerc wont do that well under French command. If it were under any other country's command it would also be tied.
very good

Nice post! I wonder, dosent the autoload function on the Leclerc and the T80U have drawbacks?
For the Merkava due to your post and the fact i read the soviet autoloader stinks...

Yea those autoloaders do stink, but the key ith tanks today IMHO is the shell you use, obviously those nations that use depleted uranium have a distinct advantage.

Israel uses Deplated Uranium shells....and We have a new fragment shell that has anti infantry and anti choppers abilities....
I'd go for the Challenger 2. No one has voted for it and to me, it's the best going. I've been inside them and sat a whole week of learning about modern warfare & armour which included the Challenger 2. We learned about M1A2 aswell but the Challenger 2 sounded better.

My vote would be for Challenger but i can't vote :cry: :p
Re: Israel

sherman105 said:
Israel uses Deplated Uranium shells....and We have a new fragment shell that has anti infantry and anti choppers abilities....

We used to have flechette and canister rounds for our tanks, but it appears that they're not in the inventory anymore.
What's that?

Oh, a note on depleted uranium, some liberal activist groups claim that they have caused extensive radiation poisoning in the theaters that they were used in. I happened across the website of one of these groups and they had a few pictures that they claimed were victims from Bosnia and Croatia and the depleted uranium rounds used over there. One problem with the pictures was that every single victim in them was a Kurd. The photographs were from Saddam's gasing of the Kurds in Northern Iraq. If I can find the website again, I'll post the link.

Nevermind, apparently there's a load of people with websites who are idiots. :lol: If you're interested, just search for "depleted uranium"+"nuclear war"
Some sergeant (regrettably American) has a site claiming that we used nuclear weapons in the first Gulf War and has a bunch of pictures that he claims prove it by showing "shadows" around decimated bodies. Apparently he's unaware of the whole dead bodies decaying phenomenon, which is strange, considering he has an EFMB. And the SOB claims to be a "credit to every unit he has served with."
Wouldn't the idiot realize somthing as big as a nuke, even a tactical one at that can be seen by thousands of people miles away?
No worries, the Abrams is the only tank that matters anyway, being the best and all ;).

Welcome to the forum by the way.
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