Best Military Video Game

What's the overall best video game

  • Battlefield 1942 (expansion included)

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  • Battlefield Vietnam

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  • Medal of Honor

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  • Age of Empires 2 (expansion included)

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  • Civilization 3 (expansion included)

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Battlefield 1942 Desert combat for me, also Operation Flashpoint is a great game and gets tougher when playing on internet, as for mod based games HL hostile intent which is much better than CS. Day of defeat is also a kick ass game :rambo:
Operation Flashpoint is by the far the greatest game. For those who haven't yet played I suggest you do and do it quick. Most realistic game out there.
-I chose BF 1942
-BF Vietnam for some reason i dislike
-Medal of honor is a disgrace because one man could defeat an entire german army, its a nice fantasy game but it shouldn't be made for WW2
-Never played Age of empires
-Civilization 1-3 sucks big dick primarily because you need the citys to make stuff and more importantly because YOU CANT UPGRADE YOUR F&#$ING MILITARY you have to build new units to have an advantage in combat.
Why the F^$@ did you not include call of duty.
It is my fav. game
the most realistic game is probably Brothers in arms.