Best Military Video Game

What's the overall best video game

  • Battlefield 1942 (expansion included)

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  • Battlefield Vietnam

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  • Medal of Honor

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  • Age of Empires 2 (expansion included)

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  • Civilization 3 (expansion included)

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Sorry, it is supposed to be Medal of Honor.

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I would have to say Battlefield 1942 (btw, why is BF Vietnam up there? Its not out yet). Its really a toss-up between BF 1942 and Medal of Honor. You can't beat the multiplay for BF though, so thats my vote.
or is that some new game???

Well i have to say bf1942 is the best in my books....I hate(well not hate but dislike strongly :wink: ) the graphics.. Bf1942 is awesome becuase you can basically get in anything that you can see ( except for buildings :) ) but with all the mods and stuff....its gonna be one of the all time bests....I was hooked on the game even before it came out...The fact you could drive everyting hooked me n ive been playing for like 3 years or wenever it came out :) :) :)
These are just some of the games i have tried and liked.

If there are any other cool games not in the poll, tell me what they rl; so i can try them out for myself.
Well thers americas army thats pretty cool to play...and ITS FREE!!! the full game is free...just every so often you have to get the latest patch... and you have to go throught boot camp, medic training( if you want), special forces( if you want), sniper school ( if you want :p ) but its pretty fun but then is boring kinda....
i havent played either of them i really need to get those games

i like AOE2X

but thats becuase its like the only game i have at this time.

WC3TFT is similar strat game
Opreation Flashpoint is also a kick ass game..

But nothing beats Medal of Honour! :twisted:

CounterStrike is also a kick ass game..
I think the only one that i have layed is ages of empires so i am not too sure. Lately i have been working on operation desert storm
I think BF is the best, a lot of people think that MOH is, but for me ( btw i LOVE MoH.) MoH is kinda heroic for me, barging in with guns a blazing. Shooting everyone and killing them in 3-4 shots. but it takes you about 20 to die. Kinda gets boring after a while and too linear. BF combined with the BEST squadmates is the BEST game. If you have it, i suggest you download Desert Combat, which is a free mod based on the war in Iraq. Complete with Blackhawks, Little Birds, MH-53's, Nimitz Class carriers, MP5's, Vss Vintorez', RPG, RPK, AK, M16, M9, Humvees, M1A1 Tanks, Strykers, Navy Seal boats, Harriers, F-14s, HIND's, Gazelles, TECHNICALS, Field Howitzers, T-72s, SCUDS! ALL DRIVABLE!! With the perfect combo of good teammates and precise tactics, it is SO FUN! Bombard the infantry with an artillery barage, insert Spec Ops via Blackhawk, or if you wanna be stylish, get 4 people on the troop racks on the Little Bird and insert them BHD style! They have a map thats based JUST for Black Hawk Down. Heres the link:
I just got Battlefield Vietnam, its pretty good. You can blast tunes from your vehicle. You can go Apocolypse Now and Air Cav style and blast " the ride of the Valkyries" too, pretty fun.