Bad Pick Up Lines

the most fun I've had pickin up a girl was actually when I was the wingman. My friend wanted to introduce himself to this cute girl at a bar, but he didn't know me being the kickass friend I am, we decided to do the whole Top Gun Maverick/Goose thing...I thought it would bomb, but EVERY SINGLE MILITARY PERSONNEL in that bar started goin along with it...needless to say, he got the chickk :)
How about this:

You look like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Girls like jerks, right?
Aww, Dang, Redneck.. Where are that hunter inside of you?

You can't scare them off, and if I didn't know you and you said that to me when I would be on a club, pub, bar I would like try to beat your ass..

But problaby I would loose quite hard with you just holdng my hands..

Wait wait!

I can still kick.. So now, where is that sensitive area? :twisted:
Haha, nah, you still couldn't win. My tactic when I'm fighting females is to run away, and I'm pretty fast.
:lol: :lol:
Your last name must be gillette...cause your the best a man can get

your dad a baker? you got a nice set of buns

you want me...know how I know? your a woman


can I buy you a drink or you just want the cash?



Mod edit: A couple of those were a bit too racy there, made me blush. :lol: Keep it clean you all.
My (now ex) boyfriend used to say, I must have been blind for the past 6 months because i don't know how I ever saw past you! (hey, it made me feel special)

And at random times after I justkissed him or somethin he would say, "Where have you been???" and it would always throw me off guard.
silent driller said:
HAHAHA! That was so cheesy! huh huh... where ya been? HAHA!

dude... yeah i know, i laugh about it now... but wow, it was so sweet then lol. i'm such a ditz