Bad Pick Up Lines


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I just wanted to have a little laugh today.. So I thought this would make a good topic..

I have one on load..

Guy: Did it hurt?
Girl: Huh?
Guy: When you fell from heaven?


Guy: You father is a thief..
Girl: Eh, Why?
Guy: Cus he took all the stars an put them into your eyes..

Guy. Can I take your picture?
Gal. Why?
Guy. So I can show Santa Claus EXACTLY what I want for Christmas.

Just in time for the season, eh?

That's the problem with pick-up lines, the girl has to say the right thing or it doesn't work.

Well, if a guy said that to me, I would.. Mostly.. Let me see..

Naw, damn, I would slap him..

But I would problaby use the last one for next time I get single and are on the pub.. :lol:
Well, since my last name is Ho, I have a 'special' circumstance of horrible pick up lines. And my first name means man in Vietnamese, so there's double the innuendos from my name which I can use.

hmmmm.... i've never used a pick up line to actually get anyone... but i think its hilarious to pick around about them... and no joke, i mean once a guy already "has me" then they do make ya feel kinda special... but thats me... i don't like the whole pick up part tho
Well, I have used pick up lines..

Why should I not be able to use it when I am out drinking and guys can?

Not that I wanna feel equal.. But I noticed that guys like when girls come and pull a bad pick up line..

That's how I have a good line with ex's behind me.. :lol:

Though, I actually think it only worked 100% with a guy, but later on after a few months as we had been together.. he ditched me because of my job.. :?

So I guess it works when you wan't a one night stand.. :twisted:
SilverPhoenix, a pretty girl could walk up to a guy and tell him to go jump in a lake and that would work as a pick-up line. We already want to be picked up on, you don't have to try too hard.
:lol: :lol:

The only time I ever really used pick up lines was one time last year when one of my buddies and I decided to see how well they worked and spent a whole night trying them on every girl we saw. Got a lot of laughs, and that's about it :( . :lol:
Oh it was definitely a lot of fun, especially after a case or so when we started mixing the lines up.
Courtesy of Quagmire on "Family Guy" (man I love that show)

"Girl, you must be a parking ticket, because you've got fine written all over you."

"If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put "U" and "I" together."

"Hey ladies, I don't want to come between you . . . or do I"

Yep, he's truly repellant, but a great show.
Can I be your math tutor for the night? We can add a bed.... Subtract your clothes.... Divide your legs.... And multiply
i'm sorry guys but that deserves a kick where it hurts....

Guy:Is your daddy a terrorist?
Girl: Why?
Guy: Cuz ur da bomb!

I may only be Barney Rebble but I can sure make your bedrock
i've had someone say that to me once... i started laughing...


Well.. Let me think if I have another one..

Oh Oh!!

You remember "A Night At Roxbury"?

*Looking at the tag at her clothing behind her neck*

Guy: As I thought - Made in Heaven..

That one is just a losy one though..[/quote]