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I just want to know the basics... What kind of ASVAB score do you need... how do the ranks go... is the boot camp the same as Marine boot... and do I have to do my physical again. Simple questions...simple answers :?
RecruitWalterUSMC said:
I just want to know the basics... What kind of ASVAB score do you need... how do the ranks go... is the boot camp the same as Marine boot... and do I have to do my physical again. Simple questions...simple answers :?

:rambo: See this pal
Rank structure
Army boot camp is different from Marine boot camp
Yes.. you have to do the physical again. In the military, you can't escape the part on physical test. It's part and parcel of life being in the military.
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RecruitWalterUSMC said:
Uh, yea. Thanks a lot. Are you angry about something? Come on now. Is it this bad that someone wants to switch branches? :?

;) Are you asking me...? Angry? It's always good to know all th branches in the military and then decide. It's never bad. It'll be bad indeed if you go to the wrong branch that you don't enjoy.
Thanks, I'm so glad you aren't like my dad. He found out a few years ago that I was talking to an Army recruiter and he yelled at me :| . Told me I was stupid and would never amount to anything. Hey, at least he's prepairing me for the future I want in the military. LOL. He thinks he's hurting my feelings but really....... he's preping me for the military. Muahahahahaha :firedevi: . It was my original plan from birth. Ok, :roll: that was short lived but hey. I'm trying to be funny.....
Right now I'm stuck because I know I want to join the Marines but a big reason why is because it would make my dad happy. I just don't think I want to do full time because I want to do a lot of school and you can't get as much in full time. I also know that I can switch back to the Marines full time if I want to after I join Army. I would rather switch from part to full than from full to part. It would be a lot easier. I believe I want to join the Army Reserves. Army comes second to the Marines right?
There's really no first or second. They are different services, just like the navy and airforce.
It's good you want to study higher. Better qualifcations will land you to higher post in the military.. or government sector. It's better to join the Reserves since you dun think full time suits you. Full time will really take all your life away and you'll no more be a civilian.

If you haven't signed any final contract yet, then my opinion is to go for part time.
It depends on what you want to do with your life. I started active and went to the Guard while in college (and after).

Don't look to the military to give you direction or discipline. I know folks say it gives young people those things, but it's not neccessarily the case. You get out of it what you put in, much like other things.

My suggestion is to list three goals you want to accomplish in the next five years. Likely, you've had about three things kicking around in your head. Go after those goals, because that is where your motivation is. If you can accomplish them in one branch, the decision is easier.

If you find your three goals are college, some travel, and a nice car, maybe full time duty isn't for you. You would spend your time pining about college, instead of focusing on your duty.

If your goals are to be an NCO, get jump wings, and travel abroad, go active duty. Perhaps Army.

Just list your goals and determine the best way to achieve them. Maybe the military isn't even in your future.
Well, the thing that I've noticed is my entire life I wanted to go through a 4 year law school. Also, I've always wanted to be in the military. The way I see it now is... I can complete two life long dreams in one. How great is that. Then if I don't join something full time the majority of my dads side would be angry with me. Then again, my dad's side only consists of 3 people so what do they matter to me. I think I would be most happy being able to do my 4 year law school and still being able to serve my country. Also, reserves do alow you to live a life at the same time. I've been told by so many people that in joining the active service I wont have any time to have a family or social life. I know a lot of people do it every day but I would rather not risk it. Also, one of my life dreams is to have a wonderful family. You know, the "two kids, husband that loves you, going to the kids' games and rooting them on, nice little house in the subs or country." I like them both. That would be 3 dreams in one. My option to go into the Army reserves sounds like the most perfect thing I could do. Wow, to be able to complete 3 dreams in one option. How wonderful would that be?............hey, how can I get my picture to show up? I tried but it still doesn't show.
You got to crop the pic to the right size before you can post it. We'll wait to see ya..! :shock:
Four year law school?

Most, if not all, are three year.

Do you mean doing undre-grad as Pre-Law? That would take four years, but you'd still have to go through law school. Seven years in total, plus a couple years as a clerk (80 hours a week, low pay). Make sure you want that life.

After all it, you have flexibility. Before that, you give up a good five years of your life busting your brain with little initial payoff.

Don't get me wronf, you can live comfortably after that point and the workload eases. It's just not a great life for someone interested in a social life from 21-25.
I just want to study law so I can become a cop. That's my goal in life... To be a cop. What do I have to do to be able to do what I want in life? It seems that with every good change comes 3 bad ones... (I'm going to go a bit off topic again but I did crop the pic it just wont show up.)
They're usually begging for guys to be cops in NYC, Philly, all the big cities.

You don't need to study law. You can always study criminology. Try to take an internship at a police precinct. There are also qualification courses to become certified. What the courses do is make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Firearm certified, background check complete, basic law enforement tactics and laws, etc. That way, a police unit knows you're more of a safe hire and more likely to stick around (since you showed interest).

Now all cops went to college or finished it, though.

I strongly suggest it. Get eduation out of the way while you're single with no kids. The second you have kids, you never seem to find the time for school.