Army Berets

RnderSafe said:
And a cadet is a step below a pogue. :mrgreen:

ouch, cheap shot. Then again, us Cadets are like the retarded babies of the Army aren't we?
"ooooooh..look at those's a rubber ducky, you go and have fun now" :lol:
I miss wearing my Dull Cherry Beret. The unit I am in now I must wear a Slouch Hat brim down.
I have always thought of the beret as a symbol of elitism. Wearing a beret sets you apart from everyone else and the fact that most people in the USAF who wear a beret only get it after they complete all of their training and tech schools means they had to work that much harder to earn the right to wear it.

Beret's dont have to be the most combat practical head gear out there because you dont wear it in combat.
The British Armed Forces have been issued berets as standard for decades. The colour differs as to which section of the Forces you're in. The Marines wear a green beret, the paras wear red berets, the RAF wear blue berets. I never really thought the American forces would wear berets, perhaps I've seen too many Second World War films where all the Americans wear those triangular hats, it's probably dug in to my self-conscience now.
Triangular hats???? Sure you arent talking about George Washingtons Army? :lol: I have no idea what hat you are speaking of.
This whole subject of Berets, hats....I always found that a well oiled US Army Ranger Patrol Cap felt great, had some practical use. Boonie was next....Berets were for show though I liked them. THERE is one comfortable mofo. :lol:
Abell, no I'm not talking about Napoleonic hats, I mean the long American prism shaped hats, I think they're used whilst off duty. They're worn on the side of your head.
You mean something like these?






Found them here ;)
Redneck said:
Garrison caps. Recruits and cadidiots and non-MOS qualified butter bars still wear those.
I think that's what England Expects was talking about.... what do you think?
I believe so too, they do look triangular from the front. That what you were talking about, England?
One of the gents referred to the hat by it's proper military designated name...."**** cap". Yea, it sure makes men look like rock stars. :lol: