An "inconvenient truth."

Mt. Pinatubo put out, during it's last major eruption, more "carbon footprint" than all of mankind has in the past 200 years. And I imagine there's a good chance we could say ALL of mankind, period. Mt. St. Helens put more sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere when it "popped it's cork" than all of mankind. Mankind is truly nothing to the environment. Issues, yes. All temporary in the eye of the Earth.

Where did you get this garbage from? A common lie perpetrated by the fossil fuel lobby

Not only is this false, it couldn't possibly be true given the CO2 record from any of the dozens of sampling stations around the globe. If it were true that individual volcanic eruptions dominated human emissions and were causing the rise in CO2 concentrations, then these CO2 records would be full of spikes -- one for each eruption. Instead, such records show a smooth and regular trend.

Models fully allow for the emissions from volcanoes. Much of the debris precipitates out over the following few years, and indeed that period is often cooler due to the sulphate's.

Do you really think scientists work in ignorance of such events? What do you think they do, accept bribes, make up theories, totally ignore natural events such as the sun and volcanoes? You confuse them with advertisers whose job it is to deceive the public.

Gore largely reflects the findings of the scientific community, admittedly with a bit of 'polar bear' spin added on, because this appeals.
They wheel him out because scientists have a very poor reputation at communicating, but Al Gore didn't invent global warming, I never heard of him until well after global warming was widely accepted within the scientific community.

Everything he says isn't completely accurate, but better Gore than directly manipulating evidence to delay action which is the main task of the carbon lobby deniers as you have shown.

Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Say you are more than 90% certain, this gets communicated at uncertain, then suddenly it becomes why not wait until we are certain? You may be only 0.01% certain your house will be burnt down but you still insure it for the worst eventuality.

Marketeers understand the public psyche that is greed and ignorance in abundance, they have been manipulating them for years and they have wheeled out falsehood such as your post in full knowledge it will be re-reported and believed because you want to believe it.
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