An apple a day keeps the doctor away.....


their negotating an arms deal with russian arms dealers(that are,ovcours, in someoones head 2....) :lol:
preapare your self.
My highest record in Fever is 42-43 if I remember right in Celsius.

Hey mean, I am a wolfwarrior.. I can't be that easily killed. LOL

And I always know where my fever is based, thank go for me practising the shaman ways, I get a better look on what's going on and why.

I am going to buy a pet by the way, But I dunno wich yet.

Wich would you choose?




I dunno, is there even a such thing as a harmless scorpion that you can't die from a sting?

I think I will go for a Tarantella, or how it is spelled.

I think I will name it Löjtnant wich is the Swedish name for Lieutenant.


Any ideas?

And don't tell me to buy a Goldfish.. :?
Get a dog. Or one of them snow leopards, but you better hurry on that one, apparently there's only a few left haha.
I'm not big on novelty pets, so I can't help you there, except watch out if you buy a snake, they're evil.
SilverPhoenix said:
I dunno, is there even a such thing as a harmless scorpion that you can't die from a sting?

Black scorpions..

We had tons of those in Lebanon.
Their sting is a bit more dangerous than a bee sting. (and a BIT more painfull...)
A guy in my company got stung four times by two black scorpions..
They had crawled inside his clothes during the night, and they had not crawled out before he put his clothes on in the morning...
Got a bit of a surprise there.. :D
If you like things like Snakes, scorpions, big hairy spiders, over 10cm long bugs, Scolopendra etc.. you should move to Lebanon.
More than enough for everyone there.. :D


This is my favorite pet!
Simba, a 1 month old lion cub (from Giza Zoo in Cairo, Egypt)...
A pet like this must fit a Wolf.. 8)
Well, Lebanon would maybe fit me. :lol:

I love snakes, spiders and scorpions.

And about sakes being evil, if you know how a snake think they won't be seen as evil anymore.

The problem nowadays is that people don't know how snakes thinks and then they get all paniced because they bite the owners in the leg.

If you know your pet as well as yourself, then you know when itäs hungry and how it's work

dogs can show their mood by wagging the tail or showing by their ears or mouth. As well as cats.

But snakes is a different story, if someone knew and had grown up with snakes like myself then they would see how a snake thinks and actually be one with a snake.

you would think

you would think that the pressence of armed muslim terrorists and p**sd off IDF grunts drivinjg around in humongous APCs would be a bit more disturbing....
SilverPhoenix said:
The problem nowadays is that people don't know how snakes thinks and then they get all paniced because they bite the owners in the leg.

Well I got a good snake story that I don't think you'll like ;).

This one old boy in my town was out hunting a few years ago when a rattler bit him on the leg. Most people would think that was a good time to go get medical attention, but this guy figured, hell, the snake bit him first, and an eye for an eye, so he grabbed it up and chewed it's head off. Got bit four more times in the mouth.
Best part is, he survived, I guess he was just too dumb to die.

I think that the fact he survived is a glich in the natural selection process.Dont worry though,thats the kind of guy that evolutuion will get to.....
Re: i

sherman105 said:
I think that the fact he survived is a glich in the natural selection process.Dont worry though,thats the kind of guy that evolutuion will get to.....

I go more for the theory that we're a bunch of hardcore men where I come from and nothing can touch us. But your theory's good too.

hey, i think his strong, but this guy is gonna shoot himself cleaning his shotgun....or get electrefied putting a fork in the :evil:
Well, Everything you do will get back to you.

Trust me, I know.

And for biting a snakes head off, not that I didn't like the sotry, but that is just disgusting.

And unprofessional, And that he survived? Well, as Sehrman said he will die by something more stupider problaby.

Because it doesn't seem that he is cautious.

It's though a amazing story, but the story that seems more wierd is the guy qwho had HIV and got cured by it.

No one knows how and why though.

That is a better example.
Never heard of that, what's it a better example of?
I don't see how he was unprofessional, he wasn't a snake tamer by trade or anything, he was a cowboy. And it's too late to die stupid, he had pneumonia and old age do the job :( .
But I'd say he had a dang good run while he was with us, heck, I sure wouldn't mind being able to do something that ballsy when I get to his age.

Haha, my theory that snakes are evil is based on aesthetics. Ever looked a snake in the eye? Especially venomous ones, they have the coldest dang eyes, just sends shivers down your back. I ran into one in the Blackrock Desert when I was climbing with some buddies, pulled myself up over a rock and maybe five foot away this rattlesnake was laying in the sun, scared the heck out of both of us, he didn't even think to rattle at me, or maybe he did, but in the few seconds it took for him to make up his mind I was halfway home. :lol:
Another interesting thing about snakes is that rattlers mate for life, so if you have a rattler problem, you kill one and hang it on a fence, and the mate will come and stake out the spot to try and kill you, so then you can get that one too.
That is so cruel.

and you just feel those cold eyes if you don't get into how a snake thinks.

They can be very nice and cuddly, if you tame them right.

People say that rats is awful animals, still Prince Bertil, My rat that is, he was one hell of a pet.

The best pet on earth I would say.

So don't judge the dog by it's hair.
Oh, I love dogs, now that's a real pet. :wink: Just kidding.

I'm sticking with the position that snakes don't think per se, and if they could, they would think evil thoughts. Ever seen Disney's "Robin Hood" cartoon? See, that was one evil snake, and he could think, and he thought bad thoughts.

I rest my case.

On a serious note, it's not cruel, it's a necessity. You don't want a nest of rattlers running around when you have livestock, let alone any children around the place. One time two years ago, a rattlesnake got into the horses' stock tank, I got no idea how, and they of course wouldn't drink out of it, and if I hadn't disposed of the snake, they would have kept away until they died. Plus I don't like them, as you may have guessed :wink: .
copperhead bit cuz, cuz died, cuz revived, i hate snakes... i don't care how freakin thick that glass between it is..... jeez... thinkin about them sends shivers up my spine... and if u and the snake 's little voices in yalls heads wanna have convos... that fine and dandy... but keep that snake, and that rat (no matter how cuddly they may be) away from me... ur liable to send me into a panic attack get those things near me.. *shivers*
My brother worked at this summer camp when he was in high school, and some idiot brought in a fish tank with a rattlesnake in it, some kid put his hand against the glass and the snake struck right through the glass and hit him. My brother said the holes looked just like someone had drilled them in the glass, that's how strong the strike was.

Crazy stuff.
o dont

i dont mind being near 100000 rattlers...if im in a solid conct\rete bunker with mtion detectors, a bunch of cats and mongoos,and holding a flamethrower....
Well, The snake symbol much more then what the snake in Robin Hood does.

The snake symbolize our circle of life and medical.

And form that in the bible as I have been teached this is, the snake is Lilith when she coes back and tells Ewe to eat from it.

The snkae symbolizes then the strong woman side, and if you then look between the lines you can see why she did it.

Lilith was a strong woman and Adam couldn't handle a strong woman who didn't want to stand below the man, she represents the feminists, and people say that she became a represant of the succubus and the demons.

And the fun thing that men still are more or less afraid of working and such with a woman who demand the same rights as a man.

But this is what I have been told, so I don't say I am right or wrong in this matter.

But my father teached me this.
Well sorry to break it to you, but that would be considered heresy, the Bible isn't a feminist fairy tale, it's the Word of my God. The serpent was Satan.

How the heck did this topic go from Redleg being sick to this?