An apple a day keeps the doctor away.....


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Seems like I have forgot to eat my apples...

Woke up this morning with 40C/104F fever... :?
So I'm staying in bed for now.

That's why I haven't posted much lately.
But I hope to be back this weekend. 8)
Wow, Redleg, you better watch that, brain damage starts at 104F.

Just something to cheer you up. :lol:

Hope you feel better soon.
Brain damage??
Where?? :D

My record last night was 40,5C....

Only 39C now, so I think I'll survive..

If I had a small braindamage before, does this mean that I will get better now?? :wink:
I had 40C in fever as well, not that it caused any braindamage to me as far as I know.

I actually had 40C fever very often.. I have problem with my kidneys..

So yeah, But hang on Redleg, it will go over. :)

And you are far away from a barindamage.

Redneck should now how to be polite.. :p
u need 2 go 2 the hospital buddy... no lie... i mean i don't know how u sleep... i get a 101* fever and i can't even sleep cause i'm burning up....
no joke, if its not gone in like 24 hours... go doctor... fast :-D dehydration = no good
yeah, but when i have extra body heat, i burn up and get dehydrated easily, i probably have a record of 102/103 cause when i get to tired i get a really bad fever

my normal temp is 99.__ tho

I had 40/104 a couple of times. my sister got maleria so she had higher than that, and she is okay now...
i liked the *F conversion lol, but i think if it were 39 or 40 i would kinda understand its bad... glad ur feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!
The funny thing about brain damage is that you don't notice it in yourself, heck Redleg, you might be mad as a hatter now and not even know.
-Dr. Redneck

:lol: :lol:

Glad you're feeling better, Redleg.

Many times i asked my self:
"Am i nuts?"
And every time the voices in my head cant agree on an answer.... :wink:
Haha, as long as you can keep them confused, because once they start working together, all hell breaks loose.
i keep my very much confused... cause when they start talking to the one in my kittys head, they start agreeing and i find myself not quite right
All the voices in my head are gone...

Did the fever kill them??
Am I cured???? :D
Redleg said:
All the voices in my head are gone...

Did the fever kill them??
Am I cured???? :D

Probably not, I figure they're most likely just taking a break to come up with a better plan of attack.