America and terrorism.

How is bush doing anti-terrorist wise?


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Good morning marksman: hoping you are doing well

there could be a couple of reason why the US has not found Osama, with all the men, equipment and technology at our fingertips:

1. He has inside intelligence within our system that tips him off and allows him to escape traps, ambushes or campaigns designed to catch him. Although its a long shot, it has a possibility. he had many years to set up such a network before he assumed command of the terror network he runs now.

2. He has more resources than we thought, that is allowing him protection inside countries that arent on good terms with US. Considering the man has a 25 million dollar dead or alive price tag on his head, he must be paying out the tailbone for protection. Once again, maybee his wealth is buying the information from the sheilding country or government that allows him not to fall into the services hands.

3. he has been incredibly lucky.

4. He is no longer alive. Although the world has the voice recordings and such, they arent extensive nor regular. Even accounting for his electronic security, its a possibility He actually was killed during the afghan campaigns, and the present voice transmissions are spliced together, computer generated phonies designed to keep the impression he is still alive.

5. He is no longer using electronic means to keep in touch with his contemporarys. A lot of our intelligence apparatus is based on intercepting voice, digital, or radio-frequency type emissions. The use of human intelligence to determine the actual condition is used less and less nowdays. No electronic trail, no first stage estimation where to send the men to positivly ID and get him.

6. heres the long shot: we are dealing with an imaginary person. Although we have photos and personnel interviews saying that this giant guy is he really osama or a representation that the terror organizations want us to believe? Like I said, its a long shot.

Im sure there are plenty of other reason. Can you come up with a few yourself?