213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to do in the US Army

174. Furby ® is not allowed into classified areas. (I swear to the gods, I did not make that up, it’s actually DOD policy).

is this one seriously true??? but very good post might not be in the armed forces but ill have to try some of these with my ATC staff

This is true.
lmao !!!!
93. Nerve gas is not funny.

94. Crucifixes do not ward off officers, and I should not test that.

Must try this at school... (the second one)
I have to admit...every time someone brings this one up from the bowels of the humour section...it still brings tears to my eyes after laughing so hard.

Skippy must have been...one heck of a soldier. ;-)
18. May no longer perform my now (in)famous 'Barbie Girl Dance' while on duty.
Refering to this (marshalling)? Ah, the powers that be...:pray: No heart for charity...:

Germans, Spanish, Italian, Dutch... all boring, Brits win big time, as always since 1033 (1:30+ in the vid, so bring a little patience...)! Go!, Dean Tabreham! :m16: "That´s how it should be done" !


Oh, and if you want to know why the bloke ducks/kneels down at the end of his act:



I saw this on another website and I loved it this is the best thing ever. skippys list is tha bomb
I stopped reading this my third time because i had to post this lol, i mean i can picture this going on lol

102. Rodents are not entitled to burial with full military honors, even if they are "casualties of war".
This is awsome...oh the things soldiers will do to pass the boredom.

He's a grunt, that's how he didn't get discharged. Grunts see the world a little differently than the rest of the world!:horsie:;-)