View Poll Results :When do you think a global nuclear war will happen?
1-10 years from now 8 20.00%
20 years from now 6 15.00%
30 years from now 4 10.00%
I won't see it happening in my lifetime 19 47.50%
Probably the next century 3 7.50%
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August 4th, 2004  
I hope and pray that we will not have a global nuclear war in our lifetime or any other time. To be honest, I'm not sure that there WOULD be a full-scale global nuclear war.

However, I also feel that it is only a matter of time before nuclear weapons are used in anger again. I doubt that it would escalate beyond the two participants, nor involve more than a handful of "small" weapons by either side. In such an incident, I think that the two sides would be (not necessarily in order of probability):

1) A nuclear attack on US soil by a terrorist organization
2) India vs Pakistan
3) North Korea vs South Korea and/or Japan
4) A nuclear attack on Isreal by a terrorist organization
5) A "breakaway" republic vs Russia

Just my opinion on the matter...
August 4th, 2004  

Of course I hope we and/or childen will EVER experience a full scale Nuclear war, but the threats seem to get a step closer everyday.

Countries with Nuclear-warheads are popping up like mushrooms everywhere now. For just 15 years ago, the mayor "Nuc-Cuntries" was Russia, China & The USA, now it's everyone, everywhere. Imagine how many would own Nucs in 5 more years..

I think if it happends, it's the 'cause of a Terrorist act.
It's getting even easier to get your hands on a Nuclear-warhead, imagine a person like Osama Bin Laden or other Terrorist-orginazations got a Nuc.

Every Christian country would be threatend.

The future is looking oh so much darker everytime we wake up.
August 4th, 2004  
August 4th, 2004  
silent driller
I really don't see a life-as-we-know-it-ending nuke war happening, but I do foresee a smaller scale nuke war in the Middle Eastwithin 30 years.
August 5th, 2004  
I think we will see nukes in a small scale to begin with - - - I have done some studies on the terrorist events from 1881 Alexander II to the 2001 World Trade Center bombing. I found one Important link in this studie. It was not 9-11, it was the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. Here I soon discouverd a lot of information that pointed out that the Oklahoma bombing was a gouverment job. Yes this sounds crazy but I can´t see this Raider truck story fit into the facts. Well that was the beginning of this terrorist war.

And 9-11 was the gouvernment finishing the job. We got a war on terrorism now. Through out all history different leaders in different worlds have used a common strategy to make things go forward as they want it too. This strategy is called Problem, Reaction, Solution. It is as old as Rome itselfe and was first introduced when Nero burned down Rome and blamed the christians in the city for the event. The problem was that christianity had begun to become to popular and the Emperor didn´t like it.

Adolf Hitler used the same strategy when he wanted the Fuhrer rank and the so called marshall law system that forbidded other partis in germany. Another example is the 1960s when a crazy general in US was exposed to making up plans to get the US people ready for a war against Cuba and the Soviet Union. Well the general L.L Limizer got aproval all the way up to the secretary of defense. He was the one that proposed how to get the US people motivated and to back up a war, North Woods documents speaks for itselfe.

And yes there will be a WWIII and there will be more then that. When our leaders have taken care of this war there will be lots of dead people and what we have today will be something else, believe me. The plan is there allready, and it dosent matter if you are voting George W. Bush or Kerry - it dosent matter if you wote Jacques Chirac or Tony Blair It dosent matter if you vote Gerhard Schröder or Göran Persson.

This war will come and it is all in the great plan of the future for the humans on this planet, one thing is for sure. This time it will not be one country that bombs another one with nukes. This time there will be nukes all over the world exploding. Because this time it is a war of pure survival. Who will live and who will die or should I say fade away for all future.

I have a pool with a friend He says that the war will start around 2007-2008 I think that the war will warm up in early 2005 spring and some of the terrorists events that the C.I.A and F.B.I are speaking of will acure between September and November 2004 and this time it will be big and it will be bloody. It has to be so big that no one will speak of a conspiracy again. And it will happen. I say 2006 latest and so yes it will be war and it will be nukes involved. I am 99,9% certain on this one. Othervise I will loose about 100 $ Shit happens.... 8)


August 5th, 2004  

I'm quoting Iron Maiden for this one: "Run to the hills, run for your lives... "
August 6th, 2004  

Some VERY paranoid people posting here... Armageddon by 2006... hmmm better not buy that house then...

Still what do I care, I live in Eire! No-one is gonna bother us!

One conspiracy theory too many for me in this topic...

Nuclear war? Nope.
Nuclear terrorist attack? Possibly but they are liable to blow themselves up eith it first.
World War 3? Is it time for another one already?
August 6th, 2004  
if there ever is a WW3, it will be a Nuclear War.

I'd hope there's not a full-scale Nuclear War in my lifetime, and if there is, I hope it occurs AFTER my golden years.

To quote our great leader... "If there's a nuclear war, a lot of people will die."
August 6th, 2004  
A nuclear war can ruin your whole day
- Unknown
August 6th, 2004  
As I stated start small and think big read the book The Final Jihad and everyone that have any knowledge aboute this nuke and terrorist war will pretty fast find out that "conspiracy" really works Because there are no conspiracy just a plan.

Governor Frank Keating's brother, Martin Keating, wrote a manuscript in 1991, roughly four years before the OKC bombing. Gov. Frank Keating is a former FBI hot shot. His brother, Martin could not get this work published until after the bombing. This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. In this book, Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in OKC, who decide to bomb a federal building. Guess what the name of the one of the key "terrorists" in the book is? Tom McVey. And for the kicker of this fictional work: The terrorists in The Final Jihad are stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light.
Im to sorry but there is no conspiracy only facts this time a man just have too read it for himselfe to draw the strategic lines in to a perfect plan of mass destruction. Belive me I am no conspiracy theorist I am just having a poll with a friend on future possible scenarios. I find all this to interesting to not look in to. Buy a house but see to it that it has a good bomb shelter beneath it --- Just IF insurance.

It is not good for the economy if people stop buying houses and make children. Things can change but September, November cross one's fingers and I hope for success. Not for the "terrorist" then but for the poll.

And the Northwood documents I told you guys about are all there and they are brainstorming aboute how to get the US people ready for a war. There is plans how to bomb Washington D.C how to hijacking planes and fly them in to tall buildings. Well L.L Limitzer was stoped by J.F.K and shortly after that he was shoot down by a lone gunman called Osswald a former marine not to good with the rifle I have heard. I think it was the president Dwight Eisenhower that warned the US people of the military industrial complex. Well that is something I dont know a jack S aboute but so they tell. "*The invisible voices in my head*"

Nukes are going to deliver yes sir.....