Whats your Favorite MRE, C-RAT .. ETC ETC - Page 4

June 2nd, 2004  
Beef stew

chili mac

beef stroganoff

those are my 3 favs...
June 4th, 2004  
Beef Steak
Beef Frankfurters

actually any of them that have crackers and Jalepeno cheese

June 4th, 2004  
Tuna with Noodles...yum yum
June 4th, 2004  
My favorite IMP is BBQ Beans and Frankfurters. You won't find many people that'll agree with me there.
July 3rd, 2004  
My fav MRE is the Turkey Breast thing. The worst has to be also the Country Captain Chicken!! The tomato sauce was disgusting . But the German MREs ,called EPAs ( Combat Ration Individual) are also very good. I readded that you get 3 MREs per Day. Is it not to much to carry Here we just get one EPA per Day, OK its a little bit bigger than one MRE but not much. The French MREs should be also very good. I never eat one i just hear about it.

Greetz Joker
July 4th, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988

Topic: SOme of the old MRE's are still the best.....

BBQ Beef
Ham/CHicken Loaf (need a canteen of two to wash it down)
the dehyradated pork patty

Most of the time we rat*&^$#d the cases and traded the decent stuff.
September 21st, 2004  
Gonna show my age.
Alpo AKA Beef ground in spice sauce.
Ham and Choke er Chicken loaf
Ham Slices

Chicken ala King

You youngsters should have been around for the Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Fudge Bars. EXLAX on steriods.

Anybody remember the Gorilla Cookies?
September 24th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Pogue
the worst has to be the Country Captain Chicken..that crap is so nasty
I love this one but some people same that I am a little weird lol!
September 24th, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Anybody remember the Gorilla Cookies?
I remember them, if they didnt melt, I actually liked them! Used to trade that damn nutcake everyone liked for them whenever I had the chance. How about the first crackers that were like the old C rat crackers? Dry paperboard....
September 24th, 2004  
Oh yeah I remember the crackers. You never wanted to drink water while you were eating em those things would expand to twice their size. But they were okay with the neon orange cheese. If the cheese wasn't so far gone you couldn't get the oil to mix back in.