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May 7th, 2004  
silent driller
Originally Posted by Jtf2
Or might aswell MOAB it lol
MOAB. That is one big damn bomb!
May 8th, 2004  
I think that could work in Iraq as well.
May 10th, 2004  

Topic: the fallujah ordeal

how about we disarm the whole country, and then rebuild it, then give them controlled weapons back when they behave. Letting the iraqis keep weapons is like saying "ok nazis, we won, but you guys can still keep your tanks and u boats, and use them on us." does a felon in the US get to keep a weapon? NO! we basically busted the whole country for a felony. disarm them, then build em up. as for fallujah, we need to make an example out of it. they want to play games, we'll play games. you want to kill coalition troops? OK, that's fine, brigade time on target mission! BOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBBOOM!
May 11th, 2004  
Here is the solution to everything there: get $25 billions, shave and shower Saddam, dress him up, rebuild his army with US equipment, give him all his cash back and return Iraq under his rule for another 20 years...
3 good things out of it:
1- in 20 years, Iraquis might be more opened to democracy
2- Saddam has to rely on US made equipment and trade parts and upgrade for oil or $$$ and our economy booms
3- Al Sadr and the unhappy rest can enjoy US made wood chippers without the world complaining
May 11th, 2004  
Id give them 2 options

A:to leave
B:to make them leave
May 12th, 2004  
What about sending all our peace-mongers to demonstrate for peace back there...they could chain themselves to burned cars and looted shops or hug a charred tree, preach peace and cultural understanding, promote abortion, Gay marriage, American idol, affirmative action, equality for women, peace and love, and show the insurgents the REAL FACE OF AMERICA. That should work all right...the beheaders would fall in love with a promiscuous "All American" girl and join them for the next Gay Pride parade. They would be butt naked but that wouldn't be an abuse!
May 13th, 2004  
You're a funny man, Eric.
May 15th, 2004  
Well This is going to be a long post lol
First off to set the record straight. You cannot nuke Fallujah. I know their are a lot of people out there who think this. This cannot be done. For a nuke to leave the "victor zone" of any base, you must have president approval. Now, lets think about this for a lil while sending a nuke to a city where their are civilians is in clear violation of the Geneva Convention and which would make that move illegal. Now even if he wanted to he would have to keep it on the downlow. But, you have the pilot who drops the bomb, his wing commander, the crew chief who loads it, the troops on the ground must be alerted so friendly fire doesnt occur and that already is just a lil too many people to be let running around. Now, with that said, you cannot fire on a city with civilians in it in an attempt to run out the hostiles or to run out the friendlies for it is a clear defiance of the GC. So, we must think of other ways. I say we send in a small team of seals specialized in sniping and take out the cleric Al Sadr personally. But, then again, thats just my thoughts..Im not opposed to an F-16 dropping a nuke on the city(though the pilot would be commiting suicide...) but still..Oh and another thing, all B-52's have big belly mods done on them... and its no longer called napalm lol their was too much soap in the agent so they took some out and renamed the compound so it wouldnt be illegal. Enjoy.
May 15th, 2004  
I think anyone who said nuke is obviously exagerating and speaking in jest.

I think we needed to get Al Sadr before this escalating into a huge hullabaloo. April 6th would have been a good day.
May 15th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Brogan
I say we send in a small team of seals specialized in sniping and take out the cleric Al Sadr personally.
Well, first we should send in the Rambo Recon Rangers, you know - just to get a little intel for those "seal" teams that specalise in sniping.