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March 2nd, 2004  
So what does this "warm, cushy, welcome" include exactly?

Good luck, kid. Don't quit.
March 2nd, 2004  
Rev. Dan

Topic: I didn't serve...

I didn't serve! My dad was in the USAF for 23 years and know works in Building 500 at Offut AFB (Stratcom HQ in Nebraska!)

I grew up living on several bases, I always dreamed of serving my country! I then got a call from the General in the sky to come "re-up" in His service!

I have seen several teenagers in the ministries that I have served go off to serve! Most resently Ben M (Going in the USMC - Marine Recon) Heads off to Calif. on April 9th! Sending me some tags to remember him in prayer!

I am so thankful to have been surrounded by heroes like Ben and like many of you that are serving or served in the military!

Rev. Dan
March 3rd, 2004  
Division-Corps Level Tank Master Gunner
Deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2
11 years, US Army
Deployed to: Kuwait, Macedonia
Served at: Vilseck, Germany; Fort Reily, KS; Hohenfels, Germany; Fort Hood, TX

Graduated: M1A1 Tank Master Gunner School, Senior Instructor/ Operator Course, M1A2 SEP Tank Master Gunner Course
March 12th, 2004  
As for me, I was in the Army for 22 years. I started my career, after BCT and AIT, in the 4th ID and served in the Central highands of Vietnam as an Infantry Scout. I served with the 10th ID, and was also with the 1st ID. I also served in Desert Storm before retiring. There were quite a few other assigments and deployments in between. FWIW, my MOSs included 11B, 11C,11H, and 16P. I retired as a 1SG (E-8) and spent my enitre time in Army in the Infantry. That's about it.
March 12th, 2004  
Welcome Top. Thanks for your service in Vietnam, my hat's off to you.
March 25th, 2004  
Originally Posted by koesters
Redneck my mos is 88m and i am in the 705th transportation unit as of the moment
Me too!
March 29th, 2004  
6 years active duty MP. About 36 months as a plain clothes investigator in various post. Served 3 years with DOD as a Detective in support of the U.S. Army.
March 30th, 2004  
I cant fight because of a ninjurey, im a reserve.
March 30th, 2004  
I served in the US Army from 1986-1994.
March 31st, 2004  
Hi Guys,
I'm serving in the german army. Mechanised Infantry
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