What is your Favorite Knife?

June 22nd, 2004  

Topic: What is your Favorite Knife?

Just wondering what everyone liked as in Knifes. Im looking into getting one and getting it engraved for my brother-Inlaw. I was looking at
these ones. http://www.ontarioknife.com/specplus_pg1.html I dont know if you can Engrave Carbon knifes? anyone know. anyways. if you have any cool sites that sell cool knifes and/or engraving a knife let me know. thanks.
June 22nd, 2004  
Hm, I don't really have a favorite knife, but I do really like my Leatherman Supertool..
I use it daily, both at home and work...

If I must pick out a favorite knife it must be the Gurkha Kukri knife..
(Just because it's sooo cool. 8) )

You can find a lot of different knives here:
June 22nd, 2004  
My favorit is the KA-BAR.
I'm looking into buying one of those seal knives (see Redlegs link) for when I go diving this summer. 8)
June 22nd, 2004  
bush musketeer

Topic: knifes

my fav would have to be my old throwing knife, ways a bit heavy but throws good for something made out of a holden car spring
June 23rd, 2004  
Sgt. Nick Fury
Knife is a broad ranger....here our my favorites by catgory....

Favorite pocket folder

No contest, The Kershaw Ken Onion Leek......and for style the Rainbow leek.....it's sexy....and I love the Speed Safe technology that makes it work just like an automatic without the legal troubles.

Favorite tactical fighter

There are several I could choose from. KaBar is old faithful, but it really is nothing new either, it's not my favorite, but I certainly know you can count on it. Cold Steel makes some great bang for the buck knives, that are very high quality, and as dependable as Ka-Bar...but the one I love most, is very functional and feels as good as it looks.....? The Masters of Defense Mark 5 CQD ATAC Fighter...

"Like the entire MOD line, the blade features advanced metals, cryogenic metal conditioning, and the meticulous attention to detail recognized by the voters at this years show. Intended as a full-on combat fighter, the ATAC features a non-conductive handle with a built -in hammer in the pommel."

Besides even a klingon could dig it.

Favorite Stealth Knife..

Not sure this is really a catagory...but I think of a dagger in a seperate context from other tacticals........best reproduction of the case ww2 legend...Hanwei's reproduction of the infamous v42 knife. It far exceeds the Devil's Brigade original, and it's just a pleasure to hold, can shave the hair off my arm right out of the box. Very rugged too....

Favorite Automatic.

Benchmade means incredible quality. I feel the knives of the Mel Pardue line are the best all around automatic knives you can buy. I am still intrigued by the MOD line...but until I am able to torture them, I stand by the Benchmade. The 3200 also is sexy to boot......(I like my knives sexy)

Of course I could go on about more knives I love, and start a whole topic about swords.....=P
June 23rd, 2004  
I really like my standard issue knife, its based on the traditional knife of the sami people. Although with some modifications.
This is the traditional knife
June 23rd, 2004  
I almost forgot about that one..

They are really great knives, and they usually are 7-9 inches long, but you can get them as long as 14 inches..
(35cm blade! )
June 23rd, 2004  
Still new to the knife world.....

But I have a Schrade (a lockback) and a Ka-bar...... And I was given some sort of fixed blade yesterday, but I don't know what it is.....
June 24th, 2004  
I like my WWII/Vietnam bayonet, it looks pimp has a blood groove and is a stabbin knife. I had a assisted opening knife but it broke, and my good ole stinger knife is the coolest, you wear it around your chest.
June 28th, 2004  
Hello boys, my favorite fixed blade knife is my Gerber LMF !!! Itīs probably one of the best fixed blade knifeīs ever manufactured!!!
Technical Specs:
10-5/8" overall. 6" blade with or without chisel tooth saw. Dupont Hypalon cushion grip handle.
Here you can see it:

My best Tool is my Victorinox "Swiss Tool X plus". The Victorinox quality is outstanding !!! I also got a Leatherman Wave, a Leatherman Supertool, and a Leatherman PST 2 so i know what iīm talking about. Ok the Swiss is bigger and weights more then any of the other Tools but its realy a great one.
Features Include:
1. blunt nose pliers
2. wire cutter
3. electrical crimper
4. wire scraper
5. wire stripper
6. wire bender
7. wood saw
8. drop point blade
9. metal file
10. scissors
11. can opener
12. bottle opener
13. large
14. medium and
15. small screwdrivers
16. reamer/punch
17. Phillips screwdriver
18. chisel/scraper
19. crate opener
21. mini screwdriver
21. ruler (cm & in.) and
22. lanyard tab.

Here you can see it: http://www.familyonboard.com/SwissArmySwissTool.html

My favorit Folding Knife is my Gerber "Gator Clip Point"
!!! Its handle design, mechanics, and assembly combine to make it superior to any other knife in its class. Itīs comfortable to grip and use, even when wet.
Here you can see this one: http://www.gerberblades.com/products...php?model=6069