What is your favorite firearm? #2 - Page 19

August 8th, 2010  
Assault Rifle- AKM (or Ak-103)
Battle Rifle- FN-FAL
Auto Pistol- Browning Hi-Power
Revolver- S&W Model 10
Shotgun- Mossberg 500
October 11th, 2010  
Thank you!
March 12th, 2012  
Personally, my favorite is my own .30-30 Model 94 Winchester lever action. It's the most enjoyable firearm I've ever used, and that includes the M16, M240B, M249, M203, and the M9. It's extremely accurate and well-balanced, and has been proven by almost 150 years of use (not mine, but the design haha). It also packs a pretty serious punch and has good range (I usually only use it around 150-300 yards, but have made longer shots without any difficulties).[/QUOTE]

Interesting. Out of all the firearms I have used I am about as comfortable with my .270 Model 70 Winchester bolt as anything else.
March 13th, 2012  
Of all the rifles I want, I would have to say that a HK G3 takes my heart, but out of all the guns I have, I love my 870 riot shotgun, damn that things a blast.
March 13th, 2012  
FN P90. Impressive ergonomics and good enough firepower.
March 13th, 2012  
Team Infidel
It is now my Springfield .45 XDm
March 15th, 2012  
if u ask me, HK G36 and HK416,
pistols: any Glock, i myself own a G17, a G21
May 19th, 2012  
Fn Scar qcq I have never shot one but it makes me drool. For what I have shot? Honestly the Smith and wesson 45 M&P was wonderfull and very acurate when I shot it. Although the ar I just ordered might take it's place.
June 11th, 2014  
Remington 1858
I've owned and shot an enormous number of firearms, military and civilian and I always come back to the ones chambered in caliber.22. I have both handguns ( revolvers and semi-auto) and rifles in this caliber and I shoot them often, two or three times a month.
Why? Cost for one thing. .22 ammunition is much less costly than any centerfire ammunition. I reload and even then, .22 is still cheaper.
It is much easier to find a place to shoot a .22. My gun club has both outdoor and indoor ranges. In winter, when the weather is terrible, I can shoot .22 rifle and pistol on the indoor range. .22 firearms are extremely accurate and fun to shoot.
Also, airguns have their place. I have a 7 meter indoor range in my garage and I shoot air rifle and pistol whenever I wish.
July 7th, 2014  

Topic: 303 Enfield

I'm partial to the old bolt-action British Lee Enfield 303 complete with brass butt and snipping sights. Got a bit of a kick and weights ~ 10 pounds. Accurate to >> 300 yards